• Seminar report
  • Historical Memory Of Central And East European Communism

  • By Dagmar Švendová | 10 Dec 15
  • The Prague conference on Nov 14-15, on the Historical memory of Central and East European Communism organised by SOK (Association for Left Theory), Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung and SPED (The Society for European Dialogue) - member organisation of transform! europe - was without a doubt event worth attending.

    The two days Conference was compiled from really interesting topics and casting the light on different issues: from a political development in Central and East Europe before and after the year 1989, reports from various countries have been presented and different angles of opinions discussed. The Polish communist Women’s movement in the 1960s, communist Romania´s sports, the history of movement on the screens of late socialist television as well as reports on the Communist Party of Lithuania, the Polish communist party, the Turkish left, the Hungarian left  but also about Socialist Yugoslavia, the Russian Communist Party (CPRF) between 1993–2004. Interesting were also presentations about monuments of socialist past.

    tranform! europe has been represented at this event not only by Mr. Jiří Málek from SPED but also by Mr. Walter Baier with his presentation about Austrian communist experiences interpreted from post-1989 perspective.

    Please find the full agenda of the Conference and speakers’ abstracts enclosed. The event was also video recorded and should be soon available through the internet page of SOK: www.sok.bz


    SPED - The Society for European Dialogue (SPED), based in Prague, was established in 2001. It primarily comprises members with a left orientation and cooperates with other left-oriented organisations both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Despite its critical and non-supportive view of the neoliberal tendencies of European integration, SPED can be described as a pro-European left-wing association. It supports analyses from the perspective of the European left.

    From the beginning, SPED has been trying to create conditions for an active debate around the key problems of social life from many different perspectives, including those of individual left groups. Thus SPED collaborates with Czech left-wing parties and associations or with their prominent members who participate in its events.

    SOK - Association for Left Theory, based in Prague develops theory as a means for seeking alternatives to the current economic, political and ideological system. SOK has organized over 60 seminars, lectures, workshops and conferences and has published nearly two-dozen books on left theory.