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  • 18 Apr 19
  • Recently, transform! europe could welcome R-komplex as new observer organization. Read about R-kompleX presenting itself.
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  • Brexit Crisis

  • By Kate Hudson | 17 Apr 19
  • Brexit is an enormous political crisis, and the UK is in parliamentary deadlock. At the moment, there is no majority either for leaving or staying. Repeated votes are taken on a range of options on a regular basis but only opposition to a No Deal Brexit has commanded a majority. A brief overview on the current developments follows.
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  • At the 2018 Summer University of transform! europe and the European Left Party in Vienna, the discussion regarding the best monetary system for the EU represents one of the most hotly discussed debates in left circles - hardly surprising, given the...

  • In recent years Europe has experienced an unexpected rise in the power and influence of the far-right. At the same time, some of the traditionally most important left-wing parties experienced their demise. To shed a light on the interconnectedness of...


Though May 2019 is not so far, many developments can change the course of the European left during the following months. Political upheavals may turn upside down the various strategies and convergences may pop up.

Can right-wing parties with a nationalist and populist agenda come into power even in the core of the EU? Of which character is the challenge they are posing to the Left?

New social actors pose new challenges to organisational structures for political action.


The World Congress of Families and the Resistance

The 13th international conference of the World Congress of Families was held between the 29th and 31st of March in the prestigious Gran Guardia Palace in Verona. In October, Verona's mayor Federico Sboarina declared the city "pro-life" after the town council passed a motion that would use public funds to finance anti-abortion programs, inspiring politicians in other Italian cities. The WCF’s goal is to protect what it terms as the “natural family”, covering an array of sexual and reproductive health, women's and LGBTQ-persons rights. The Swedish weekly newspaper Arbetaren visited the conference to document the event and the feminist resistance. Thousands of people responded to the call for solidarity of the Italian feminist movement Non una di meno.

Videoreportage by Julia Lindblom;