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  • Italian Students Camp Out Against High Rents

  • By Martina Calabritta | 02 Jun 23
  • In Italy, a growing number of students are mobilising in a peaceful protest against high rent costs in university cities under the slogan “Senza casa=senza futuro” (No housing=no future). Led by the university students' union UDU (Unione degli Universitari), they demand affordable education and are are making their voices heard across the country.
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  • Report
  • What Is Really Behind Delhaize's Plan?

  • 15 May 23
  • Workers at Delhaize (one of Belgium's largest supermarket chains) are massively protesting against implementation of the franchise model which is expected to lead to layoffs, precariousness, and lower wages, as well as to endanger national unions and set a new franchising trend in the whole retail sector in motion.
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Upcoming Events

  • Peace by Peaceful Means
  • International People’s Summit For Peace in Ukraine

  • 10 June 2023 - 11 June 2023 |   Vienna
  • On June 10/11 international civil society is gathering in Vienna, Austria. The aim of the Peace Summit is to publish an Urgent Global Appeal, called the Vienna Declaration for Peace, calling on political leaders to act in support of a ceasefire and negotiations in Ukraine.
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  • Building a Political Alternative for Europe
  • Peace, Fights, Left, Right - In Italy and in Europe

  • 14 June 2023 - 14 June 2023 |   Rome
  • These are the key issues of the meeting that transform! europe is presenting in Rome on 14 June, inviting representatives of left-wing political forces, including Walter Baier (President of the Party of the European Left), Manon Aubry (Co-President of the European Parliamentary Group of the Left) and Michele Santoro (organiser of the Peace Raley).
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  • Forum
  • The Future Factory

  • 15 June 2023 - 18 June 2023 |   Rome
  • From 15-18 June we will come together in Rome to build the future! Activists, academics and left organisations will meet to discuss and design non-militaristic, non-antagonistic and collaborative futures.
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New Release

  • The aim of this research is to develop and provide basic knowledge on the challenges of the "coal exit" for the areas of North Czech Republic, East Germany and large parts of South-West and Central Poland.

  • Youth expresses the most militant and promising part of the political left, playing a central role in social mobilisations and political uprisings. But are left-wing parties in Europe credible to Millennials and Gen Z? Why do even the radical parts...

  • It is obvious that political environmentalism unfolds differently according to gender. This study aims to explore the heuristic dimension of ecofeminism and contribute to rethinking our contradictions, methods of struggle and possible cross-class...

  • The aim of this study is to examine the far-right in the EP from 2019 until today (September 2022) from different angles and to provide answers to the questions regarding what happened after the 2019 elections, how the European far-right is organised...

transform! yearbook 2022

transform! yearbook 2022 looks at how left politics has been challenged by the Covid pandemic and asks what a programme of left demands for pandemic research, prevention and treatment might look like. transform! yearbook 2022 will be released in June.

The publication is available as hardcopy at Merlin Press and as eBook on the transform! yearbook website.

  • transform! europe Podcasts

  • 23 Nov 20
  • transform! europe's online interview series "The Left Reflects" with Luciana Castellina, Alex Demirović, Nancy Fraser, Leo Panitch, Gayatri Spivak, and Hilary Wainwright now available as podcast – in cooperation with Austrian left-wing platform Mosaik.
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Short clip by "Arab States Civil Society Organisations and Feminist Network" on the impact of climate change on women in Middle Eastern countries,
presented at the transform! europe webinar Climate Justice and Women's Participation in the Arab Region.