transform! europe Webinar: Greek Refugee Camps and the Covid-19 Pandemic

An unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe is about to unfold in the detention camps on the Greek islands and at the Greek-Turkish border – a catastrophe to which both the EU and the Greek government are turning a blind eye.
In an effort to inform and raise awareness of the current situation of refugees and migrants in the EU and at its borders and amidst the disastrous progression of the Covid-19 pandemic, transform! europe will be hosting a series of webinars in the upcoming weeks. The first took place via Zoom on Monday 30 March 2020,
17:00 - 19:00, focusing on the developing situation in the detention camps in Greece and the immediate need for their evacuation.
Κaterina Anastasiou, transform! europe, discusses the life-threatening situation for refugees and migrants in Greece with:
Gabriel Sakellaridis, Director of Amnesty International Greece & Iasona Apostolopoulos, activist of the civil society rescue mission Mediterranea:saving humans


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This concept of the Common is becoming increasingly meaningful to those who are struggling for a social transformation that coincides with ecological transition. transform! europe aims to support research on the forms of these struggles and their connection to the concept of the Commons.

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