Middle East at Historical Crossroads
  • The Symposium Middle East at Historical Crossroads (MEHC) inviting politicians, activists and artists from Israel, Palestine and Europe in an effort to dialogue and explore major topics, which are relevant for peace, justice and the self-determination of the Palestinian people in the region – through the lens of arts and everyday politics.
    ‘The Middle East at Historical Crossroads’
  • The Vienna Symposium entitled ‘The Middle East at Historical Crossroads’ took place at the Vienna premises of transform! europe, only days after the UN resolution of 23 December 2016* was passed which condemned the continuation of Israel’s settlement activities. With this symposium, we kicked off a new series of projects for 2017. They will be centred around viable left global strategies, and we consider the peace process in the war-torn Middle East a crucial part thereof.
    There Still Remains Hope for the Middle East
  • Finding a just and sustainable solution for the Middle East means contributing immensely to peace and security for Europe, without which welfare and democracy in Europe will not be secured. Europe’s left has to assume its responsibility, also in its own interest.


    What About Democracy Today?
  • On the occasion of the symposium The Middle East at Historical Crossroads, organised by transform! europe, the exhibition What About Democracy Today? brings together 30 artists from Israel and Palestine, raising questions about the contemporary state and understanding of democracy in the region and the world.