Norway - From Meta-Politics to Mass Murder – A New Right-Wing Extremism
  • The massacre on the island of Utøya and the attack in Oslo’s government district targeting the Scandinavian labour movement was horrible, the worst kind of right-wing terrorist act. How could it happen? How could such an extensive and long-term terrorist plot go completely unnoticed by the security...


    Norway Is Moving to the Left – And Rethinking Its EU Relations
  • On Monday, 13 September, Norwegians from the North Cape to south most Lindesnes vote on who will fill the seats of the national parliament in Oslo (Stortinget). Polls suggest that the election will produce a change in government, forcing current Prime Minister Erna Solberg out of office.
    The Defeat of the Norwegian Left
  • The lack of a clear political project is an important part of the explanation of the defeat of the red-green government coalition in Norway.
    Europe’s Most Leftist Government Defeated by Right Wing Coalition
  • The red-green coalition government in Norway, whose political platform when it took power in 2005 was called the most progressive in Europe, experienced a bitter defeat in the country’s parliamentary election on 9 September. A coalition of four centre-right and right wing parties, including a right wing populist party, gained a solid majority and are now negotiating the political platform for a new government.
    The Rise and Fall of the Welfare State
  • Asbjørn Wahl on Norway being the "upper deck of Titanic", the welfare state that hasn't been demanded by the working class, and why its time has passed. Also on the "genuine" and contemporary capitalism in Serbia and the EU, the dead end of the trade union movement and alternatives.