The 2019 European Parliament Election in the Republic of Ireland
  • Historically, the two dominant parties in national elections in the Republic of Ireland, Fianna Fáil (FF) and Fine Gael (FG), have also dominated in the European Parliament (EP) contests. In 2014, FG and FF both received 22.3% of the first preference vote (in the Republic, the single transferable...


    The Irish Election results
  • The complex Irish Proportional Representation voting system means counting will probably only finish today; some more seats have to be sorted. But the result overall is a rejection of austerity and a reality check on government rhetoric about recovery.
    Ireland: An Establishment in Decline
  • While electoral victory isn’t on the cards it seems likely that left-of-Labour parties and candidates will receive between a quarter and a third of the vote in the Irish general election, held tomorrow.
    The Poster-Child Misbehaves
  • Ireland has been the "Poster-Child" of austerity policies. The government wants to impose water charges which would hit low earners disproportionally and pave the way for privatisation. Unseen protests emerged all across Ireland since 2012. Ronan Butenshaw gives an overview.