China: New Perspectives After the Great Strikes of 2010
  • China, which has become a major actor in liberal globalisation, is at a real turning point in its development. The restructuring of its economy has profoundly transformed the nature of labour relations of the Maoist period. Since the 1980s and 1990s social conflicts have been growing. The 2010...
    “The People Demand Social Justice!” - A Huge Social Protest in Israel
  • Less than a year ago, the whole Arab Region, from Tunisia in the West to Yemen in the South East, was the arena of a gigantic and extraordinary popular uprising for freedom and democracy. The decades-old dictatorships of Hosni Mubarak and Zine el Abidine Ben Ali were overturned in a few weeks, and...
    The Post-Election Uprisings in Iran and the State’s Loss of Legitimacy
  • It was a restless summer for Iran this year. The controversial results of the June 21 presidential elections engendered such anger that it became impossible for the streets to keep their years-long silence. With the harsh and bloody crackdown following the protests, the streets seem recently to have...


    The Right to the City. Urban Commons and Sustainable Cities
  • Due to the local character of most Commons initiatives it’s obvious that cities are preferred places. From social housing to urban gardening to digital citizenship to public cultural spaces to educational initiatives to healthcare-centres to direct farmers-consumers-cooperatives to workers’...


    Statement of Solidarity and Support for WALDEN BELLO
  • Statement against the life-threatening harassment of the Philippine Hugpong ng Pagbabago party against Prof. Walden Bello, co-founder of and current senior analyst at the Bangkok-based think tank Focus on the Global South and winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize.
    Die LINKE on Bundeswehr Deployment in Afghanistan
  • Stefan Liebich, Member of the German Bundstag and vice chair of the Parliamentarians Group on the USA, on his party’s position on German military intervention, differing views within DIE LINKE, and the lessons to be drawn.
    A Defeat Whose Victim is the People in Afghanistan
  • After twenty years of war and attempts at state-building, the West’s Afghanistan crashed to the ground. It is a disaster that requires we ask what was political responsible for it. Yet already before people could be rescued, the blame game began among Western politicians – each condemning the other for this catastrophe.



    War In Ukraine: Responses and Implications for Asia and the Pacific
  • While calling for peace in Ukraine, this webinar focuses on the responses and implications in the Asia-Pacific. We will look at how states, civil society, and peace movements of Asia-Pacific have reacted to the war and discuss on the role peace movements can play for a lasting peace.


    Labour and Just Transition(s)
  • This webinar, hosted by transform! europe and AEPF (Asia Europe People's Forum), aims to explore and discuss ways to overcome the often sterile debates between orthodox and heterodox advocates of 'change' and 'transition' in order to solve existing ecological, economic and social problems. Watch the video recording of the webinar!
    RIMPAC, NATO Versus a Peaceful Asia Pacific
  • Given the rising possibility of global war, the panelists will analyse and oppose the largest military exercises on the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC), as well as lay out the implications of participation in NATO.