• Editorial

  • The only way out of the current crisis in the European Union would seem to be through the effective unity of action of left political forces and social movements. One is prompted to go back to the slogans of US President Barack Obama’s first electoral campaign: ‘Yes, we can!’
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Alter Summit

  • For Alternative Fronts
  • By Pierre Laurent
  • We are in an exceptional moment in history – a crisis of civilisation, a historic clash between the dominant and globalised capitalist system that has entered into a lasting crisis and the many-sided...

The Future of Europe

  • Putting an End to ‘Governance’
  • By Roger Martelli
  • Things are going badly in Europe? That’s because it is not federal enough, we are told. Accordingly it is proposed to give yet more power … to those who have reduced Europe to its present state. ...

  • Alternatives for Europe
  • By Joachim Bischoff
  • Europe finds itself in the midst of a very severe crisis. If this crisis cannot be overcome, both the political project of European integration and the European and global economies will be heavily...

New Politics of Trade Unions

  • Renewal through Strike
  • By Fanny Zeise
  • Strikes are a major means of trade union self-assertion. A closer look at strikes in Germany reveals interesting trends and developments, indicating new approaches to trade union strategies and practices.

Alternative Conceptions

  • Energy Poverty as a New Social Plague
  • By Lutz Holzinger
  • Power cuts in winter, people falling into debt traps due to additional charges by gas and electricity companies, heating or eating as a crucial choice – the condition of the poor is becoming increasingly more difficult in Western and Central Europe.

International Points of Interest

Book Reviews

  • "Cosmopolitan futures. Global activism for a just world."
  • By Teppo Eskelinen
  • For an institution which has recently moved to its second decade of existence, the time is ripe to undergo a thorough discussion of its future direction. The World Social Forum (WSF) - the great gathering of global justice activists, an inspiration for innumerable people worldwide, even hailed as “the world parliament in exile” in its early days - is in such a point.