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  • transform! yearbook 2016: “The Enigma of Europe”

  • 31 Mar 16
  • 2015 was a year in which the limits of what could be achieved within the European Union's neoliberal architecture and current balance of forces have been tested as never before.

    The transform! yearbook 2016 asks what might be learned from the clash between Greece's left government and the Troika in terms of political strategy and the kinds of programme that might now be proposed by Europe's radical left.

    How to bring together concrete proposals for a productive transformation within an investment-led recovery, and currency, banking, and debt policies? This year's volume also focuses on the current state of the theory and practice of the commons.

    transform! 2016 is the second of an annual series reporting on and analysing European political and social developments. The book is available in English, German and French. Editions in Greek and Italian will be published soon.

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    THE ENIGMA OF EUROPE. transform! 2016
    Edited by Walter Baier, Eric Canepa and Eva Himmelstoss
    Merlin Press Ltd
    www.merlinpress.co.uk | Direct link here
    ISBN 978-0-85036-721-8
    298 pages, Paperback
    Published December 2015
    Price: £ 16.95



    Walter Baier, Eric Canepa, Eva Himmelstoss: The Enigma of Europe

    The Enigma of Europe

    Étienne Balibar: More Than Ever: For Another Europe! August 2015 Theses

    Jeremy Corbyn: The First Months of a Long Struggle. Interviewed by Hilary Wainwright and Leo Panitch

    Walter Baier: When Winter Came in July: The Left Has to Rethink Europe

    Yanis Varoufakis: What Happened in Greece – What Was Possible – What Is a Feasible Europe-wide Programme Now? Interviewed by Haris Golemis

    Riccardo Petrella: The Fall of Europe and the Ceding of Sovereign Power to the European Central Bank

    Joachim Bischoff: Financialisation – Secular Stagnation – Neoliberal Austerity

    Uta von Winterfeld: Notes on Nature, Crisis, and Domination

    Karola Boger: European Employment Policy: A Political Landscape

    Transformation Strategies: Productive Reconstruction and the Commons

    Michael Brie: Twofold Transformation: Strategic Challenges for the Left

    Jürgen Klute: The Renaissance of Industrial Policy in the EU. The Challenge for the European Left

    Javier Navascués: Notes on Productive Reconstruction in the Southern Periphery of the European Union

    Michel Bauwens, Vasilis Kostakis, Alex Pazaitis: Towards a Society of the Commons

    Pierre Dardot, Christian Laval: The Common: An Essay on the 21st-Century Revolution

    Alfonso Gianni: Mutualism Between Tradition and Modernity

    Gabriele Winker: Care Revolution: A Feminist-Marxist Transformation Strategy from the Perspective of Caring for Each Other

    Wolfgang Hofkirchner: The Commons and Global Sustainable Information Society (GSIS)

    Theodora Kotsaka: The Greek Water Referendum and the Distinction Between Public and Common Goods

    Roberto Musacchio: Cooperativism and Self-management in Italy


    Axel Troost: For Fundamental Reform of the European Economic and Monetary Union

    Peter Wahl: Neither Eurofetishism nor Nationalism: A Third Way for an Emancipatory Europe Policy

    Country Reports

    Michalis Spourdalakis: Rekindling Hope: Syriza’s Challenges and Prospects

    Felicity Dowling, Kate Hudson: The UK and the EU Referendum

    Murray Smith: One Year After the Independence Referendum: Scotland and the Crisis of the British State

    Ilona Švihlíková: The Transformation of the Czech Republic: New Challenges and Problems

    Anna Ochkina: Russia: The Illusion of Accord – The Reality of Confrontation

    Adoración Guamán, Raúl Lorente: Austerity Measures and Labour Law Reforms in Spain: A New Standard?

    Activity Report

    Maxime Benatouil: transform! europe 2015 at a Glance