• The Left Between Growth and De-Growth

  • By Josef Baum , Lutz Brangsch , Teppo Eskelinen , Elena Papadopoulou , Chantal Delmas , Jean-Marie Harribey | 04 Jul 11
  • transform! europe presents the newly released discussion papers “The Left Between Growth and De-Growth”, edited and introduced by Teppo Eskelinen.

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    Preface: Growth – an Indicator of the Past

    Teppo Eskelinen – political philosopher, Left Forum (Finland)

    A Note on Economic Growth Seen Through the Prism of the Crisis 

    Elena Papadopoulou – economist, Nicos Poulantzas Institute (Greece)

    Let’s Talk About Money, Value and Wealth 

    Jean-Marie Harribey - economist, former co-president Attac (France)

    In Search of a (New) Compass – How to Measure Social Progress, Wealth and Sustainability? 

    Josef Baum – economist and geographer, transform.at (Austria)

    Economic “Indicators” are Really About Power.Political Dimensions of Object and Method in Debates on Growth  

    Lutz Brangsch – economist, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (Germany)

    The Link Between Growth and Jobs: Myth or Reality?  

    Chantal Delmas – Espaces Marx (France)