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  • The Laughter of Medusa: The Left in Europe

  • By Renato Soeiro , Mario Candeias , Theodora Kotsaka , Angelina Giannopoulou , Danai Koltsida , Lucía Bárcena Menéndez , Giorgos Chondros , Liliana Religa | 05 Jul 19 | Posted under: European Union , The Left , Rightist Movements , Transformative Strategies
  • Contributions of the annual strategic seminar of transform! europe and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

    The annual strategic seminar of transform! and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation aims to give space for left-wing analyses and policy proposals which can challenge the neoliberal doctrine. We always wish for debates on the most crucial issues of the European politics and the stance of the left. The main goal of transform!, as the political foundation related to the Party of the European Left and as network of more than 30 organisations throughout Europe, is to bring the forces of the Left (political parties, political initiatives/campaigns, progressive trade unions and activists from the social movements) together in order to build a common space of dialogue and political resistance in Europe. We consider this step as fundamental for developing a radical strategy based on the interests of the European people.


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    Angelina Giannopoulou, Introduction
    Renato Soeiro, The left and the question of power
    Danae Koltsida, The governmental experience in Greece: lessons we could learn
    Giorgos Chondros , Labour at the heart of our struggles: The Greek experience
    Lucía Bárcena. Τhe EU trade and investment policy: Α Εuropean political struggle of the people
    Theodora Kotsaka, In what ways is the discussion on commons’s transition useful for the left and the question of social emancipation?
    Liliana Religa, The rise of the Polish illiberal democracy – actors, impacts and resistance
    Mario Candeias, translated by Corinna Trogisch, Understanding the Rise of the Radical Right: Dimensions of a Generalized Culture of Insecurity
    Espace Marx (presented by Yann Le Lann), The stakes of popular classes’ political subjectivity in today’s Europe



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