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  • Social and Ecological Considerations for the Future of the Construction Sector

  • By Stephen Schindler | 23 Feb 20 | Posted under: Ecology , Productive Transformation
  • Without the construction sector, there can be no productive transformation and no Socialist Green New Deal. In this ePaper Stephen Schindler shows why it is so important for the left to familiarize itself with the construction sector and to push it to the centre stage in the discourse for the productive transformation of our European societies.

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    Preface by Roland Kulke
    Introductory words
    Economic and environmental performance of the sector
    Social role of the sector
    Skills and qualifications
    Harmful substances in energy renovation
    Public procurement
    Resilience to economic cycles
    Building materials and building techniques
    Construction and demolition waste
    Going forward
    Questions and challenges for policy makers and stakeholders of the Left

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