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  • Life Stories, Workers' Rights, and Feminism

  • 17 Feb 21 Posted under: Central and Eastern Europe , Slovenia , Feminism , Labour
  • The Slovenian Institute 8th March, supported by transform! europe, presents this collection of two sets of life stories: The first one was part of a cam­paign for workers’ rights, carried out before the pandemic, the second one is dedicated to the situation of self-employed parents during the pandemic.

    The collection on workers’ rights particularly consists of students' stories who face impossible conditions, exploita­tion, and harassment. Among the most representative stories collected is the testimony of a worker whose employer requires him to postpone a medical examination, or the case of a worker who applied for a salary increase after one year and, instead of being promoted, has been fired immediately. The second set of life stories is part of a campaign to help self-employed parents during the pandemic. With the help of these tes­timonies, the Institute of 8th March could convince the Slovenian authorities to provide them with emergency assistance funds.

    Please find the publication for download on the right/below (mobile version) in 'Documents' (English, PDF).


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