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Newsletter 13 June 2013
Dear reader,

the Greek Government shut down the public broadcaster ERT on tuesday, June 11. Protests in Greece and the whole world turn against this "information coup d'etat" in the name of austerity. On this occasion we want to communicate a short background article, an urgent call for action, including a petition to sign and solidarity statements.

Furthermore we bring to your attention to a collection of links on Turkey, were autoritarian politics and police violence still cannot bring an end to the broad protests.

the transform! editorial team

Featured Article
Another Attack of the Government on Democracy
By Panayotis Pantos
In the afternoon of Tuesday June 11, the Greek government, with a surprising move, announced the closure of the Greek Television and Radio corporation (ERT) and the firing of all its employees. [read more... ]
Call for Action
Greek Government shut down Public Broadcaster ERT
By Felipe van Keirsbilck
Many of you have probably seen the news regarding the closure of the Greek public broadcaster ERT that spread across news agencies during the last couple of hours. On Tuesday, 11 June, the Greek Finance Minister used emergency powers to close all public service radio and TV stations. All workers... [read more... ]
Call for Resistance
Media Unions oppose Closure of Greek Public Broadcaster ERT
UNI MEI calls for resistance to support Greek public service broadcasting, its workers and their union POSPERT. [read more... ]
Greece: EL supports the Mobilisations of Greek Citizens
Against the Censure!
The unprecedented authoritarian decision by the Greek government coalition to shut down the Hellenic Public Radiotelevision ERT, its three TV channels (ET1, NET and ET3) and tens of national and regional state radio stations, resembles situations only seen in the darkest periods of dictatorial... [read more... ]
Links and Petition
Erdogan: End the crackdown now!
Since end of May police is cracking down protesters in Turkey, 5 people are dead, 5000 people are injured. What began as protest against the construction of a shopping mall at Gezi Park in Istanbul turned to a broad protest movement in whole Turkey against the authoritarian politics of the turkish... [read more... ]
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