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Newsletter 02 July 2014
We cordially thank our members, observers and friends for assisting transform! europe’s activities and wish you a pleasant summer! 
Our next newsletter will be published in September 2014.
Featured Article
GUE/NGL group increased from 35 to 52 MEPs, 50% female
Left MEPs re-elect Gabi Zimmer as President
Newly elected MEPs from the European United Left / Nordic Green Left group in the European Parliament on 19 June voted Gabi Zimmer as the group’s new President. Zimmer held the office in the last legislature from 2012 onwards. The group emerged strengthened from last month’s European elections... [read more... ]
Interview with Gabi Zimmer
By Maxime Benatouil
Recently re-elected at the head of the GUE/NGL parliamentary group, Gabi Zimmer (Die LINKE) delivers insights on the new GUE/NGL’s composition. It has significantly grown, gathering 52 MEPs for the new legislature while the group was composed of 35 in the former one. [read more... ]
Some empirical data
The Radical Left at the 2014 EP Election
By Paolo Chiocchetti
The publication of the final results of the 2014 European Parliament (EP) election of 22-25 May finally permits to draw a first assessment of the performance of the radical Left.[1] [read more... ]
ELP Statement on Ukraine Conflict
No More War, No More Fascism!
We call on all parties to the conflict to stop armed operations and to avoid further escalation of the situation. We are against repression by the military forces and armed militias. The conflict has to be solved by negotiations and political democratic means, as e.g. referenda. [read more... ]
Outcomes of the International Debt Conference in Brussels
EL for Remodelling of European Financial Institutions
On 10 April 2014, the Party of the European Left (EL) and transform! europe jointly organized an International Conference in Brussels. The aim of the meeting was to explore the alternatives to solve the problem of the debt and stop the austerity policies. [read more... ]
Video Records of International Conference in Dublin online!
“Challenging the Rule of Troika, Transforming Europe”
On 10 March 2014, Dublin City University hosted a conference, co-organised with transform!europe, to investigate the effects of troika rule in the four countries subjected to IMF-ECB-EU programmes (Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Cyprus), while also looking at those countries hovering on the edge of... [read more... ]
The Campaign of Alexis Tsipras on the Internet and Why It Should Inspire Us
By Matthaios Tsimitakis
On 30 April we called upon European comrades, through the transform!europe network to mobilize online aiming to gain a critical mass of support for Alexis Tsipras as candidate of the European Left for the presidency of the European Commission. The campaign only managed to fulfil part of its goals... [read more... ]
Peace Event Sarajevo 2014
We Have to Become More Visible on the Streets
Article by organisers Reiner Braun, Lucas Wirl and Kristine Karch. [read more... ]
People’s Tribunal - Video summary online!
From Austerity to Solidarity
A Tribunal on EU economic governance and the Troika took place in Brussels on 15-16 May. Eleven witnesses from ten countries in Southern, Eastern and Western Europe gave testimony to the failure of the EU and Troika policies to address the crisis. Find here the Video summary! [read more... ]
transform! in Solidarity with the Refugee Movement
Freedom Not Frontex
The “March for Freedom” marched for one month against the EU’s migration and border regime from Strasbourg to Brussels, where 400 activists have met in an Action Camp. There are protests in many countries, the refugee movement is transnational. [read more... ]
21 July 2014 – 23 July 2014
International Workshop of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
The Left after the EU Elections: New Challenges
The goal of the workshop is to analyze the new relationship of political forces in Europe within the EU and its member countries, and to draw conclusions for the European Left Party in particular countries and regions, and also for the strengthening of the Europeanization of struggles. [read more... ]
23 July 2014 – 27 July 2014
Europe – Stand Up for Peace!
9th Summer University of the European Left
The time has come! Once more, the European Left and transform! europe this time together with DIE LINKE invite to the Summer University 2014. We want to debate, ponder current problems, discuss ideas, exchange thoughts and experiences, and of course celebrate and enjoy the summer. [read more... ]
Report of the Conference in Brussels on 10 April 2014
Together We Can Put an End to the Problems of Debt and Austerity
On 10 April 2014, the Party of the European Left and transform! europe jointly organized an international conference that brought together economists, civil society activists and politician to discuss alternative solutions to the debt crisis. [read more... ]
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