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Newsletter 09 November 2018

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transform! europe political consensus
European Integration and the Strategic Perspectives of the Radical Left
Following the debate during the General Assembly in September, the board of transform! europe agreed in its Conclave on 16/17 October on the following bullet points, outlining our common understanding about transform!’s strategy for the coming months. [read more... ]
Manifesto for the Welcoming of Migrants
The editorial boards of Regards, Politis and Mediapart are joining forces to launch the "Pour l’accueil des migrants" manifesto to welcome migrants. It has been initially signed by 150 intellectuals, artists, activists, unionists and prominent members of civil society - tenth of thousands followed. [read more... ]
The People’s Budget
By Paola Giaculli
Breaking with EU austerity politics does not necessarily imply a departure from neoliberal politics. The struggle between EU austerity and ‘popular sovereignty’ is a quandary from which left-wing politics should disengage. [read more... ]
EU Austerity and the False 5-Star/League Promises: Two Adversaries to Confront
By Alfonso Gianni
Recently, the European Commission rejected the Italian draft budget. A Confrontation between the EU and Italy is immanent. How to react from a left perspective? [read more... ]
Gloomy Perspectives for Climate Change
By Gitte Pedersen
Not so long ago there was an agreement upon that we should keep the global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius to avoid the major climate disaster. In the global climate agreement from 2015, the Paris agreement, it was formulated that the global average temperature must be kept well under 2°C.... [read more... ]
The State Elections in Bavaria and Hesse and Their Impact on German Politics
By Cornelia Hildebrandt
The German political system is experiencing a major change[1]. This has already been illustrated by last year’s parliamentary elections, the difficulties in forming a government, government crises and now, also, the results of the state elections held in Bavaria and Hesse. An Overview. [read more... ]
After the Referendum and the Vote in the Parliament of North Macedonia
By Michalis Bartsidis
The referendum in the Republic of North Macedonia on the approval of the Prespa Agreement, registered a strong majority of the YES, almost 94%, although this result was accompanied by a high percentage of abstention. In addition, what is happening in view of the debate in Parliament is indicative of... [read more... ]
Croatia’s Political and Economic Situation – The Periphery of Europe Today
By Katarina Peović
The purpose of this overview is to provide a glimpse of the political and economic situation in Croatia, and to stress the importance of the European left – a powerful political force that could detect existing problems in light of the political and economic asymmetry between the centre and the... [read more... ]
“Is Southern Europe the Weak Link of European Integration?”
By Tatiana Moutinho
This conference, held in Lisbon last October, aimed at debating and tracing possible areas of cooperation between social and political actors amongst the Southern European Left. [read more... ]
12th Asia Europe People’s Forum (AEPF)
“The New Face of Globalization and New Model of Capitalism Monopoly”. Report of the Open Space
By Roland Kulke, Rachmi Hertanti
Organisers: Transform! Europe, Indonesia for Global Justice Date: 30th September 2018 City: Gent (Belgium) Overview Transform! Europe and the Asia Europe People's Forum have been working together on Commons for some time already. At the last major meeting in Barcelona in June 2018 Rachmi... [read more... ]
10 November 2018 – 10 November 2018
Workshop co-organised by transform! and the Green European Foundation at the 2nd European Forum of Progressive, Ecological And Leftist Forces
The resistible ascension of the far-right in Europe: a critical assessment of the progressive counter-strategies
The political foundations of the left and greens are joining forces [read more... ]
29 November 2018 – 01 December 2018
Marx 2018. Deux siècles d'actualité
Transform! europe supports the conference "Marx 2018. Deux siècles d'actualité", organized by the Marx Committee 2018, on the occasion of the bicentennial of the birth of Karl Marx. [read more... ]
Study Report
The Worsening Situation for Employees and Right-Wing Populism in the Workplace
By Bernhard Müller
Our study on right-wing populism and workers' unions shows that people's everyday lives (at work and in their interactions with the welfare state) provide fertile ground for right-wing populism.[1] [read more... ]
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