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Newsletter 20 May 2014
Since December 2009 the transform! europe newsletter has been published regularly once a month. It contains information about the activities of our network, its members and observing members and about important initiatives of social movements we are taking part in.
Featured Article
The European Elections from a Left Perspective
Elections Live: Results, Highlights and First Statements
In co-operation with Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and Regards, transform! europe will provide you online with live reports during the election night: country-specific results, first comments, video statements of the left-wing candidates and our correspondents, as well as analyses and evaluations in the... [read more... ]
The European Elections – How Do We Mobilise?
By Elisabeth Gauthier
Every campaign constitutes a learning process, a process of individual and collective appropriation and of a gain in consciousness. For us it involves promoting the appropriation by citizens of European-level issues so that they can take a position corresponding to their interests. In order to be... [read more... ]
Regional Elections in Greece
New Advance of SYRIZA – A Hope for the European Left
If the forces of the coalition in power sustain their position in the regions, the results of the first round of the local elections in Greece mark an important progress of SYRIZA on the whole national territory. [read more... ]
Useless European elections?
By Étienne Balibar
A vicious circle must be broken, but this can arise only from inside the European perspective, through a mounting pressure of the Union’s citizens, who must at the same time avoid “sovereign” fallacies and “cosmopolitan” illusions. [read more... ]
Press Release of EL and transform! europe
The Opposition to Austerity and the Big Transatlantic Market Grows – the Repression As Well
Brussels. – Peaceful demonstrators against austerity and TTIP were subjected to a scandalous repression. Three of our witnesses even were among the 281 arrested during the protest against the European Business Summit on 15 May. [read more... ]
Renowned Intellectuals Support Tsipras’ Candidacy
One hundred years after the beginning of World War I and seventy years after the end of World War II, Europe is at a crossroads. If the current neoliberal and authoritarian policies are not reversed catastrophe awaits Europe and the world: further decline of democracy, increase in poverty and... [read more... ]
People’s Tribunal - Video summary online!
From Austerity to Solidarity
A Tribunal on EU economic governance and the Troika took place in Brussels on 15-16 May. Eleven witnesses from ten countries in Southern, Eastern and Western Europe gave testimony to the failure of the EU and Troika policies to address the crisis. Find here the Video summary! [read more... ]
Eastern Ukraine
The Logic of a Revolt
By Boris Kagarlitsky
Russian bureaucrats have been honestly surprised at the reaction by the official West – they did not expect such anger or unanimous condemnation. European politicians are beside themselves with fury. The mainstream press is relating appalling stories to its readers of Russian aggression against... [read more... ]
“For Ukrainians, the Main Threat is Capitalism”
By Volodymyr Ishchenko
Transcribed Radio-Interview with Volodymyr Ishchenko, Deputy Director of the Center for Society Research in Kiev (19 April).* [read more... ]
Petition “Stop the Conflict!”
Ukraine: Angry Women Take Part
Historical experience has very often proved that the crisis that are persistent and non resolved lead to war, as if it were the only means of getting through the conflicts which are launched by a change in the battle of wills, in order to settle a new international order. We are strictly opposed to... [read more... ]
To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate May Day in Istanbul
By Emre Eren Korkmaz
Once again, this year, in Istanbul, the government banned May Day demonstrations and the police attacked fiercely protestors with pepper gas and water cannons. 39,000 members of the police prevented workers and people from celebrating May Day at the central square of Istanbul, Taksim Square. [read more... ]
Call for Papers
20th Annual Conference of the EuroMemo Group, September 2014
Focussing on the question “What future for the European Union – Stagnation and polarisation or new foundations?”, this year’s EuroMemo Group Conference will be held from 25-27 September 2014 at the Sapienza University in Rome. [read more... ]
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