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Newsletter 27 June 2013
Since December 2009 the transform! europe newsletter has been published regularly once a month. It contains information about the activities of our network, its members and observing members and about important initiatives of social movements we are taking part in.
Featured Article
London – Goal: General Strike
People’s Assembly against Austerity Policy and the Tory Government
By Walter Baier
On a hot day and despite the usual cold British weather in London, 4,000 delegates, among them works councils, trade union leaders, community representatives, spokespersons of social movements and leftist politicians like Tony Benn gathered on Saturday, 22 June in the time-honoured Central Hall in... [read more... ]
Press release: Athens’ Alter Summit
For the Cradle of Democracy is not its Tomb
Radio & television closure shows a U-turn in austerity policies in Greece and Europe is urgently needed. [read more... ]
The ERT struggle: The Final Count Down for the Greek Government?
By Stavros Panagiotidis
The recent decision of the Greek Prime Minister, Samaras, to close down the public television and radio stations, caused a large mobilization and resulted in a crisis of the governmental coalition. [read more... ]
A New Progressive Movement in the Making
By Ekim Caglar
A historical uprising has resulted in new practices, potentially very fruitful for closer investigation for progressives in both Europe and the Middle East. [read more... ]
The Art of Protest
By Emre Eren Korkmaz
Update from 24 June on the massive June Days mobilisation in Turkey and highlights of music produced in solidarity with the protests. [read more... ]
Visionary Paper by the “Left Alliance”
A Red-Green Future
By Ruurik Holm
The Finnish Left Alliance held its party congress during June 8-9 in Tampere, Finland. The congress approved a visionary and programmatic paper Red-Green Future, which outlines the central features of a red-green society and describes what kind of measures need to be taken for achieving it. [read more... ]
“Euro in Debate – Future of the Euro?”
transform! is publishing a selection of controversial contributions dealing with a current debate concerning the future of the Euro. [read more... ]
Launch Event and Short Overview
transform! Economists Working Group
By Maxime Benatouil
The highlight of transform!’s prioriry programme on the crisis in Europe was the launch of the “transform! Economists Working Group” (TEWG). So far 43 economists of 14 European countries have agreed to join the new network coordinated by Elena Papadopoulou, Elisabeth Gauthier and Maxime Benatouil. [read more... ]
Seminar Report
The Left and Migrants: How to think about Struggles in Common by Migrants, Non-migrants and Minorities?
By Gregory Mauzé
On 29 and 30 May the Joseph Jacquemotte Cultural Association organised, jointly with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and the transform! network, a European seminar of reflection devoted to the relations between the Left and immigration. For two days, about thirty people took part, coming from... [read more... ]
Seminar Report
Nationalism, Neoliberalism And The Left Perspectives
By Petre Damo
The Zagreb Subversive Festival of 2013 hosted on the 9th of May the Seminar entitled ‘Nationalism, Neoliberalism and the Perspectives of the Left’. As a sequel to the Seminar ‘National Question in Central-Eastern Europe’ which had been organized by AD FSR with the support of Transform! European... [read more... ]
May Day School 2013
By Dragan Nikčević
The May Day School is a traditional event within the Spring-Summer conference circuit in the Balkans, held each year at the end of April by The Workers and Punks’ University (WPU) - a collective of students, researchers and activists from Ljubljana, Slovenia. [read more... ]
03 July 2013 – 06 July 2013
European Left and transform! europe invite
8th Summer University 2013: “How to Change Europe?”
The 8th Summer University of the European Left Party and transform!europe will take place in Porto from 3 to 7 July. The first day will be organized by the EL Feminist Network (EL-FEM). July 7 is the day of departure. [read more... ]
12 September 2013 – 15 September 2013
49. ITH-Conference
Towards a Global History of Domestic Workers and Caregivers
This year's conference of the International Conference of Labour and Social History (ITH) focuses on the global history of domestic workers in private homes, a labour market that over time has included, in addition to physical labour, care for infants, children, and the elderly (“emotional labour”). [read more... ]
20 September 2013 – 22 September 2013
19th Conference on Alternative Economic Policy in Europe
Conference of the EuroMemo Group
“The deepening divisions in Europe and the need for a radical alternative to EU policies”. This year’s EuroMemo Group conference will be held in London at the School of Oriental and African Studies from 20-22 September 2013. [read more... ]
New Publication
transform! Journal #11 in German out now
The German edition issue no. 11 of the transform! journal entitled “Power relations in Europe” is out now. It lays a focus on the EU and the “German Model”, challenges for the Left and the youth. [read more... ]
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