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Newsletter 25 June 2020

Dear readers!

For the time being, the acute stage of the pandemic is – at least in Europe – almost over, and its economic consequences are becoming increasingly evident. In view of the last months‘ dramatic developments, it is tempting to view the current situation as primarily due to Corona.

However, the danger of a recession, the growing social inequality between and within most EU countries, and the ecological catastrophe not only predated Corona but their cause, a capitalist system trapped in ever-increasing contradictions, also paved the way for the pandemic.

This newsletter offers a broader reflection and contextualisation of the causes and consequences of the crisis.

In addition, our series of web interviews with leading personalities of the European left continues.
For an overview of our webinar and web interview programme, please click here.

We wish you stimulating reading!

Michael Hollogschwandtner, web editor, for transform! europe

Featured Article
The Pandemic as Part of a Much Broader Crisis of Civilisation
By Roland Kulke
The corona crisis has already killed hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Politicians and society as a whole have rightly focused on combating the virus. However, underneath the pandemic there is still an environmental catastrophe exploding in slow motion. The corona crisis is only a small... [read more... ]
The European Automotive Sector – Time to Rethink Mobility!
By Manuela Kropp
Every sector of the economy has felt the impact of the coronavirus crisis, and car manufacturing is no exception. There are 12 million EU workers employed in the automotive industry, either directly in production or in parts manufacturing, and the sector accounts for 7% of the union’s GDP.[1] If we... [read more... ]
Enrique Santiago: 'We must rebuild the commons, which should never have been privatised.'
Enrique Santiago, Secretary General of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE), and Deputy Spokesperson for Unidas Podemos in the Spanish Parliament on current measures to combat the economic crisis. [read more... ]
Poland’s Presidential Election plagued by Right-Wing Homophobia
By Gavin Rae
Whilst the threat of the pandemic still hangs over Poland, the country is going to the polls at the end of the month to vote for its new President. The election is dominated by candidates from the two main right-wing parties, with the incumbent Andrzej Duda using homophobic propaganda as a central... [read more... ]
The Search for Majorities: The Friction Among the EU’s Conservatives
By Cornelia Hildebrandt
In the face of current challenges, the EU is at a crossroad. Whether, as a consortium of strong nation-states, it develops into a new type of free-trade zone or intervenes in the future as an independent actor in global conflicts will strongly depend on the conservative forces that constitute the... [read more... ]
The Economic Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic in the Czech Republic
By Ilona Švihlíková
Ilona Švihlíková, a member of the National Economic Council, provides firsthand knowledge of the proposals concerning the Czech Republic’s socio-economic situation and analyses the measures implemented to mitigate the economic consequences of the pandemic through the viewpoint of political economy. [read more... ]
The path to the European Union for North Macedonia, false promises and unfilled standards
By Sonja Stojadinović
This ePaper analyses the most important political developments in North Macedonia under the social democratic-led government of Zoran Zaev (2017-2020). [read more... ]
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