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Newsletter 03 May 2021

Dear readers!

The plan for shaping Europe after the pandemic is now being elaborated by the European institutions. To reflect on and discuss the immense changes we are facing, this newsletter focuses on neoliberalism and right-wing extremism.

In this context, transform! europe supports protests against the current crisis policy. The beginning of May will see the Counter-Summit in Porto (Portugal). It will be followed shortly after by protests against the G20 Global Health Summit co-hosted by G20 (under Italian presidency) and the European Commission.

To create a network among left journalists and activists throughout Europe, transform! Italia is organising the webinar „Media Alliance. Building a Leftist European Public Opinion for the Future of Europe.“ Join us!

Michael Hollogschwandtner, web editor, for transform! europe

Featured Article
Fifty Shades of Brown. Remarks on the Fight against the neo-fascist Right
By Walter Baier
Europe consists of about 50 states, 27 of which are members of the European Union. So, what we see on the far right are ‘50 shades of brown’, so to speak. It is doubtful that one and the same notion can be applied to such a wide range of phenomena. However, even more doubtful appears the notion of... [read more... ]
After Neoliberalism… What?
By Walden Bello
Neoliberalism is dying, with the radical left and the far-right as only contenders to bring about another system, says Alternative Nobel Prize winner, sociology professor Walden Bello at the recent climate conference on the context of climate emergency and the crisis of neoliberalism. [read more... ]
Why 'pensée unique' will be misleading
By Dieter Plehwe
Defining neoliberal efforts merely as market radical is misleading. The dynamic and diverse sphere of neoliberal actors, both worldwide and on a European level, makes it necessary to abjure simplistic reductions when looking at neoliberal networks. This applies in particular against the background... [read more... ]
The Populist Radical Right as a New Class Vote?
By Raymond Allal, Nathan Gaborit
The concept of class voting is shaken by neo-liberalism. Therefore, the quasi-natural link between social structure and voting is in question. Voting for radical right-wing parties is often considered as based on affects (e.g. anger). But these characteristics seem to be incomplete for grasping the... [read more... ]
Citizens' Memorandum. Working Document
For a Global Public Health Policy, Universal Right and Global Public Good
The Citizens' Memorandum, which will analyse the key obstacles to needed changes and present the most relevant solutions that need to be implemented, by the "Move Up 2021 Initiative". [read more... ]
webinar recording
Fighting the Far Right in the US: News From the Frontline
Defeating Trump was only the beginning. The struggle against the far-right remains an urgent necessity. Despite the recent elections, American political landscape is not free of "Trumpism". Watch the full video! [read more... ]
06 May 2021 – 07 May 2021
A Counter-Summit of Resistance, Challenge and Solidarity
Under the motto "Fight Precarity, Eradicate Poverty", the Counter-Summit will strenghten networks of resistance and solidarity – while the official "Social Summit" is promoted by the European Commission and the Portuguese Presidency, the same European powers that have been complacent with the... [read more... ]
07 May 2021 – 07 May 2021
Media Alliance. Building a Leftist European Public Opinion for the Future of Europe
transform! Italia aims at creating a network among journalists and activists throughout Europe, active in the sphere of the left and who share a desire to construct a leftist European consciousness among people. [read more... ]
29 May 2021 – 30 May 2021
Socialism in Central and Eastern Europe and Austro-Marxism
Austro-Marxism is a corpus of the Marxist theory developed by the intellectuals closely connected to the multinational Social Democratic Workers' Party of Austria. Labeled as the 'little International', in the last decades of the 19th century, it provided cultural and intellectual incubation space... [read more... ]
The Covid-19 Pandemic: the End of Neoliberal Globalisation?
By Václav Cílek, Jan Keller Petr Drulák Tomáš Daněk Petr Schnur Michael Hauser Ilona Švihlíková Veronika Sušová-Salminen
Leading Czech and Slovak scientists from various disciplines have contributed to this eDossier. Supported by transform! europe, economists, philosophers, sociologists, political scientists, historians, geologists and culturologists were brought together to reflect on the ongoing pandemic. [read more... ]
Coalition of Labour: Worker's Voices in Europe
By Roberto Morea, Andrea Allamprese Beatriz Casas González Edoardo Esposto Nathan Gaborit
In the last decades, the working and living conditions of millions of workers all across Europe have significantly deteriorated. The organisers of this research project not only talked about workers but talked with them, on issues such as working and living conditions, the perceived causes of their... [read more... ]
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