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Newsletter 24 February 2014
Since December 2009 the transform! europe newsletter has been published regularly once a month. It contains information about the activities of our network, its members and observing members and about important initiatives of social movements we are taking part in.
Featured Article
Bosnia and Herzegovina on Fire
A Revolution on the Periphery of Europe
By Mate Kapović
On 7 February, government buildings were on fire all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, silent for a long time, finally decided to speak their minds. And when they did, those were not words – it was a roar. It was fire, stones and heavy fighting with the police. [read more... ]
Tsipras and Schulz
By Theodoros Paraskevopoulos
So far, Alexis Tsipras is the sole official candidate for the presidency of the European Commission – the Party of the European Left has accepted during its convention the relevant nomination. It is all but certain that the Socialists and the Democrats of Europe (it’s a funny distinction, isn’t it?)... [read more... ]
Lutz Holzinger (1944 – 2014)
Two days before his 70th birthday Lutz Holzinger died in the night to 12 February. During the last three years Lutz has been co-editor of the English issue of the transform! journal. [read more... ]
Czech Labour Dilemmas in 2014
By Vladimir Sedlacek
Currently, there are two immediate positive steps taken by the new Czech government: they instantly removed the hospital fees of CZK 100 (about 4 Euros) per person daily, and they continued refusing that Czech Post is privatized, as right-wing former governments have promoted in their agendas. [read more... ]
Report of a European Conference in Madrid
“University, Science and Research: European Resistances and Alternatives”
By Sigfrido Ramírez Pérez
On Friday, 31 January, the AKADEMIA-Network of transform! europe organised a two-day conference in Madrid on the question of University, Science and Research in Europe. It was hosted by the three Spanish members of our network: the Foundation for a Europe of Citizens (FEC), the Foundation for... [read more... ]
transform! AKADEMIA Workshop Report
The Red Thread of Alternative Historiography
By Sigfrido Ramírez Pérez
On Friday, 14 February 2014, the AKADEMIA Network of transform! europe organised a workshop about the history of Europe. This workshop was a follow-up to the founding meeting organised in April 2013, which brought together historians working with various member organisations of our network and was... [read more... ]
A different Europe is possible
Alter Summit Newsletter #2 out now
Since December the AlterSummit has been publishing a monthly newsletter. Issue no. 2 you can read and download here. [read more... ]
Achievements and Projects
Workers and Punks’ University and Socialism in Slovenia
It has been ten years since the completion of the 2004 enlargement process, which, in addition to two further expansions, integrated the majority of the continent’s post-socialist societies into the European Union. It has since then become obvious that what had once been heralded as the triumphant... [read more... ]
24 February 2014 – 01 January 1970
Espaces Marx and Lem invite to an evening debate
The Left in Europe/ La Gauche Européenne
17.00: Les social-démocraties européennes avec Fabien Escalona et Mathieu Vieira: Fabien Escalona est ATER et doctorant en science politique à l'IEP de Grenoble. Ses recherches portent sur les processus de reconversion des partis sociaux-démocrates, mais aussi sur les dissidents socialistes. Il a... [read more... ]
28 February 2014 – 01 March 2014
International Conference
“Freedom of Information under Pressure”
This event will gather more than 30 international speakers (academics, media practitioners, librarians, experts of open culture and public space, activists and policy makers) from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom, and will call for an open discussion on the... [read more... ]
15 March 2014 – 01 January 1970
International Conference
“More Alternatives to Growth”
Transform!Danmark has existed for around two years and this is the third international conference organized by the network, continuing its work to help develop left alternatives. [read more... ]
Available now: Printed EuroMemo 2014
The Deepening Divisions in Europe and the Need for a Radical Alternative to EU Policies
Like last year, transform! europe has taken on the responsibility for the production of the printed versions of EuroMemo in English, French, Greek and German. [read more... ]
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