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Newsletter 24 September 2021

Dear readers!

This Sunday, Parliamentary elections will be held in Germany: At stake is the successor to the government led by Angela Merkel. In the polls, Social Democrats, Greens, and the Conservatives are closer together than ever before. Harald Pätzolt provides an analysis of the political situation before the elections.

At the EU level, Commission President von der Leyen recently delivered her State of the Union Speech – a justification of her political action so far as well as an outline of her future plans. Roland Kulke looks behind von der Leyen's embellished self-portrayal.

An overview of the (online) events on current issues organised by transform! europe and its partner organisations can be found in our calendar.

We wish you stimulating reading!
Michael Hollogschwandtner, web editor, for transform! europe

Featured Article
Germany’s Upcoming Bundestag Election
By Harald Pätzolt
In view of the recession in Germany’s manufacturing industry and with Angela Merkel not standing for election, the parties of the three chancellor candidates are closer in the polls than ever before. Die LINKE could have one path to power: in a coalition with the Social Democrats and the Greens. [read more... ]
Von der Leyen’s State of the Union Address – In Search of Europe’s Soul
By Roland Kulke
The President of the European Commission claims to have found the "soul of Europe" – and it's a convenient screen for her purely profit- and power-driven approach to politics. [read more... ]
Breakthrough for Norway’s Radical Left
By Ellen Engelstad
Labour will lead new government with a clear mandate for change. [read more... ]
25 September 2021 – 28 September 2021
The World Transformed 2021
transform! europe's observer organisation The World Transformed (TWT) hosts an annual festival of politics, arts and music. TWT aims to create spaces for debate and exchange between grassroot activists, politicians, community groups, unionists and interested persons to address social movement’s most... [read more... ]
27 September 2021 – 27 September 2021
Online Seminar
The Post-Pandemic European Union
transform! europe's Spanish observer organisation Fundación Instituto 25M organises this seminar to reflect on the impact of the pandemic on the democratic governance of the European Union. [read more... ]
27 September 2021 – 29 September 2021
Webinar Series
The Other Agenda. Knowledge and Life
Two webinars organised by transform! italia on the theme of building an Other World Agenda, in the face of the indisputable failure of the market capitalist system based on the private appropriation of knowledge (and of life), e.g. patents on seeds, on medicines, on artificial intelligence,... [read more... ]
08 October 2021 – 10 October 2021
International Film Festival
2021 MICAR
This year’s edition of the anti-racist international film festival MICAR focuses on decolonisation and memory, to make visible the voices and bodies of those whose memories and visions have been kept in the fringes. [read more... ]
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