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Newsletter 03 March 2021

Dear readers!

On 18 March 1871 the French national government fled from Paris – a mutiny had taken place, and unemployed Parisian workers who had been drafted into the National Guard elected their own officers and even composed a political programme. The next day, the Central Committee of the National Guard called for elections in order to ‘establish a true republic’. The constitution of the Commune Council that became known as Paris Commune followed, and over the next 72 days some of the basic principles of a socialist society were established.

Only some weeks earlier, in a small Polish town, Rosa Luxemburg was born – brilliant author, inspiring speaker, revolutionary, feminist, one of the most influential figures of the socialist movement. Even though everyone within the left knows her name, her reception often seems cursory.

Both the Communards and the revolutionary Parisians as well as Rosa Luxemburg had and still have a profound influence on the socialist movements not only in France and Germany respectively, but for whole Europe and beyond. The March edition of this newsletter is dedicated to their 150th anniversary.

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, transform! europe is organising a webinar to reflect on the current feminist struggles in Poland and the successful pro-choice campaigns in Argentina and Ireland: Our Bodies – Our Choice – Our Decisions. Join the discussion on 4 March, 6pm (CET). In addition, you can find ePublications on the current feminist struggles in Poland and Slovenia on our website.

We wish you stimulating reading!
Michael Hollogschwandtner, web editor, for transform! europe

Featured Article
Ailbhe Smyth: "We need a discussion about abortion on a pan-European scale, linked to a discussion about our democracy."
By Małgorzata Kulbaczewska-Figat
How did Irish society move from a ban on abortion to a victory for women's rights? What can be learned from this experience for the current feminist protests in Poland? Małgorzata Kulbaczewska-Figat talks to Ailbhe Smyth, feminist activist who played a central role in successful political campaigns... [read more... ]
Who was Rosa Luxemburg?
By Lutz Brangsch
Even though Luxemburg’s writings have been widely analysed and her correspondence subjected to detailed examination from various viewpoints, this question is harder to answer than it seems. [read more... ]
The Birth of Marxism in France: Remembering the Paris Commune and Jules Guesde
By Jean-Numa Ducange
The French political and social situation – with its many strikes, social movements, and highly ideologised political currents – often fascinates observers outside France. The life of a central figure in the French socialist movement, Jules Guesde, who is little known outside France provides... [read more... ]
Portuguese Council Presidency: European Pillar of Social Rights must be made binding
By Manuela Kropp
In order to effectively address the social and ecological crisis we are facing, the European Pillar of Social Rights has to be incorporated into the EU Treaties, argues Manuela Kropp. [read more... ]
Call for Participation
The Initiative "Move Up 2021"
By Riccardo Petrella
Italy will host the G20 and official meetings will be held in various cities to establish agreements with which the powerful countries of the world will surely continue to fail to address the social and environmental injustice in which we are immersed. The health crisis, climate change,... [read more... ]
04 March 2021 – 04 March 2021
Film Presentation and Debate
Our Bodies – Our Choice – Our Decisions
On the occasion of the International Women's Day on 8 March, organised by transform! europe and the Polish Naprzód Foundation, this webinar brings together feminist activists to discuss the current struggle of Polish women and to reflect on the victorious pro-choice campaigns for accessible, free... [read more... ]
13 March 2021 – 13 March 2021
Online Conference (updated programme)
How to Combat Climate Warming – Green Capitalism or System Change ?
The industrial and economic slowdown due to the pandemic is no substitute for sustained climate action. How can concrete and more ambitious goals in climate and environmental policies be achieved? Are the measures and goals adopted by the EU, governments and institutions much more than a greening of... [read more... ]
The Situation of Women in Poland 2020
By Agata Czarnacka, Anna Grodzka Małgorzata Jonczy-Adamska Joanna Miśkiewicz Urszula Nowakowska Andrzej Dominiczak Ewa Majewska Ewa Dąbrowska-Szulc
Starting in October 2020, feminist protests, which could not be ignored, have addressed the multitude of issues women are facing in the country. This publication of the Naprzód Foundation – available in English and Polish, co-financed by transform! europe – focuses on structural sexism and the... [read more... ]
Life Stories, Workers' Rights, and Feminism
The Slovenian Institute 8th March, supported by transform! europe, presents this collection of two sets of life stories: The first one was part of a cam­paign for workers’ rights, carried out before the pandemic, the second one is dedicated to the situation of self-employed parents during the... [read more... ]
New Release
Europe as a Common. Exploring Transversal Social Ethics
By Walter Baier, Cornelia Hildebrandt Luisa Sello Franz Kronreif
“This economy kills”, Pope Francis wrote 2013 in his encyclical Evangeli Gaudium, opening thus the door for a dialogue between Catholic Christians and socialists of Marxist orientation. [read more... ]
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