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Newsletter 12 March 2020

Dear readers,

our current newsletter, focusing on the Climate Crisis and the Green New Deal, offers a number of analyses, articles and epublications, examining this issue from various perspectives. In addition, it provides information on related upcoming international conferences.

Regarding the immediate, pressing health crisis, we would like to draw your attention to a key aspect of it, which up to now has rarely been addressed: the connection between the spread of the coronavirus and the impact of neoliberal policies on the national healthcare systems, with Italy as an example.

Finally, we are happy to announce the upcoming release of this year’s transform! yearbook.

We wish you stimulating reading!

The team of transform! europe

Featured Article
The Virus Hits an Ill-Prepared Europe
By Roberto Musacchio
The healthcare system of the EU country most afflicted by the coronavirus, Italy, has severely suffered from neoliberal cuts and privatisations in recent years. And the health emergency has greatly accelerated the imminent arrival of the next economic emergency. With it we are facing a watershed... [read more... ]
The Green and Social New Deal for Europe
By Melina Kerou
Melina Kerou on the "The Green and Social New Deal for Europe" policy plan released by the left fraction in the European Parliament GUE/NGL. [read more... ]
Industrial Workers Want the European Green Deal to Deliver on Just Transition
By Luc Triangle
Luc Triangle, General Secretary of industriAll (the Trade Union Federation of Trade Unions in the manufacturing, mining and energy sectors) reminds us: "decarbonisation is not happening in a social vacuum. Years of austerities have increased precariousness and inequalities while weakening public... [read more... ]
Europe in the Brave New World. transform! Yearbook 2020
This year's transform! yearbook will be released in April 2020. [read more... ]
Conference Report
„European Industrial policy – a Tool for a Green New Deal“
By Cornelia Ernst, Manuela Kropp
What kind of economic and industrial policy do we need at a European level to achieve climate neutrality until 2050? How does a progressive Green New Deal must look like? [read more... ]
14 March 2020 – 14 March 2020
International Conference
CANCELLED: How to Combat Climate Warming – Green Capitalism or System Change?
This to notify you that we have had to cancel the Transform conference on Saturday 14 March due to severe restrictions on meetings and generally imposed by the Danish Prime Minister due to the Corona virus. The topics of the conference are needed to discuss. We seek to organize alternative... [read more... ]
05 December 2020 – 06 December 2020
International Web Conference
A European Spring is Necessary. European/Prague Spring 2020
All-European mobillizing Conference for climate justice and peace, discussing social and environmental alternatives and answering the multidimensional crisis. [read more... ]
Social and Ecological Considerations for the Future of the Construction Sector
By Stephen Schindler
Without the construction sector, there can be no productive transformation and no Socialist Green New Deal. In this ePaper Stephen Schindler shows why it is so important for the left to familiarize itself with the construction sector and to push it to the centre stage in the discourse for the... [read more... ]
Transport and Climate Crisis – Lessons for the Left
By Jens Holm
Jens Holm invites the European Left to discuss the transition to sustainable transport: how can topics as diverse as the digital revolution, the climate crisis, the future of our cities and global value chains be integrated in one discussion? [read more... ]
A Green New Deal for Europe – Opportunities and Challenges. EuroMemo 2020
Given its urgency, this year’s EuroMemorandum puts special emphasis on the climate crisis and other planetary boundaries. In tandem with deepening social inequalities, renascent authoritarian nationalisms and the crisis of global governance, they urgently need comprehensive and effective policy... [read more... ]
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