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Newsletter 14 November 2014
Since December 2009 the transform! europe newsletter has been published regularly once a month. It contains information about the activities of our network, its members and observing members and about important initiatives of social movements we are taking part in.
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Neoliberal Agenda and European Social Democracies
Seminar on 16 and 17 November, organised by transform! italia, transform! europe and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation [read more... ]
#Luxleaks: Ending Tax Evasion in Europe is an Emergency
By Pierre Laurent
An investigation of the international press has unveiled the secret agreements concluded between Luxembourg and 340 multinationals, when Jean-Claude Juncker was Prime Minister. These “rulings” contain a sophisticated mechanical tax optimization enabling big firms to benefit from tax rate up to... [read more... ]
#LuxLeaks and #Ruling-Gate: What Now?
By Justin Turpel
Briefly and succinctly: 12 theses on LuxLeaks by Luxembourgian Déi Lénk MP Justin Turpel. [read more... ]
European Trade Union Confederation
ETUC Declaration to the new European Commission
Economic policies followed until now to tackle the economic and social crisis have failed. They brought about low growth and deflation, increased precarious work and unemployment, particularly youth unemployment, rising poverty and inequalities. Divergences within and between countries increased. [read more... ]
Intervention at the meeting of the EL Executive Committee in Athens
Hope Will Defeat Fear – in Greece and in Europe
By Alexis Tsipras
Austerity has led us to an impasse which can be seen most clearly in Greece. But it is also noticeable everywhere else in Europe. Austerity – apart from being an ineffective and pointless means to combatting the crisis – is now proving treacherous. This is because it continues to change the nature... [read more... ]
Social Struggle Back in Force in Belgium
By Gregory Mauzé
Full success for the national demonstration on 6 November. With more than 120,000 participants coming from the whole country the event which had been initiated by the three main workers organizations (Christian, socialist and liberal) makes up the largest social mobilization for the last 30 years. [read more... ]
transform! europe’s Agenda 2015
In evaluation of transform!'s General Assembly, which has agreed on core projects for 2015, the transform! managing board drafted the following work plan. [read more... ]
Book presentation “Politics of Ecosocialism”
Perspectives to Sustainable Futures
By Teppo Eskelinen
The Nordic joint transform! project brings together ideas on ecosocialist paths for future welfare states. These ideas were presented first time publicly at the Historical Materialism Conference in London. [read more... ]
21 November 2014 – 23 November 2014
Left Strategy Project 2014: International Workshop
Police Democratization in Europe
Presentation and discussion of the paper “Democratizing the Police in Europe”, by Georgios Papanicolaou and Giorgos Rigakos, in cooperation with Nicos Poulantzas Institute and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. [read more... ]
Out now!
transform! Yearbook 2015: "United Europe, Divided Europe"
Problems and conflicts within and between European states have taken on new and alarming dimensions as economic crisis and neoliberal austerity policies continue to wreck havoc. [read more... ]
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