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Newsletter 15 June 2015
Our newsletter contains information about the activities of our network, its members and observing members and about important initiatives of social movements we are taking part in.
Featured Article
“United we stand against austerity and social injustice”
Call for a European mobilization, from movements of Greece
The outcome of the ongoing battle against austerity will define the future not only of the Greeks but also the future of the European people who struggle for more democracy and equality. [read more... ]
“And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors ...”
A group of theologians from different churches in Germany calls for immediate debt relief for Greece and an end to the austerity policy. [read more... ]
A Scenario of Political Change in Spain
The most important and immediate conclusion of the local and regional elections that took place on 24 May in Spain is the creation of an unprecedented political scenario in our country; the new political and representational map has brought about realistic expectations for a real change in Spain. [read more... ]
Alberto Garzón: “The Elections sent us a message: we have to rebuild IU”
Alberto Garzón, the Izquierda Unida candidate for the Spanish general elections, received for an interview in his office at the Spanish Congress, where he has accumulated letters and parcels after two intense weeks of election campaign. The interview was conducted by Aitor Riveiro. [read more... ]
Turkey’s Election: Hope Began Its March
By Taylan Özgür Yıldız
Turkey’s crucial parliamentary election concluded with an amazing outcome: Since the implementation of the very anti-democratic election threshold of 10%, The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), a leftist and pro-Kurdish party, managed to pass it for the first time. [read more... ]
Left-liberal voters did not support Komorowski
Presidential elections in Poland
By Holger Politt
On 24 May 2015 the run-off of the Polish presidential elections took place: The nationalist-conservative challenger Duda won the race for the young voters which determined the elections’ result. [read more... ]
European Forum for Alternatives – Yes To Another Europe!
By Maxime Benatouil
Ten years almost to the day after the rejection of the Constitutional Treaty by referenda in France and the Netherlands, progressive forces across Europe gathered in Paris last weekend. And, this time, to say “yes” together with the Greeks: “yes to another Europe, a Europe of cooperation and... [read more... ]
Workshop report
Where does the anti-austeritarian European social movement stand?
By Maxime Benatouil
In cooperation with Laura Horn and the Global Dynamic Research Cluster “Structural Adjustments come to Europe”, Transform! held a workshop on the 9th of May at the Roskilde University on European Social Movements. It aimed at bringing together social movements researchers and activists to discuss... [read more... ]
transform! Akademia Workshop in Brussels
“For a Democratic European Energy Model”
By Maxime Benatouil
Energy and climate-related issues are at the top of the political agenda in 2015, as is shown by the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) to be held in Paris by the end of the year and the European Commission’s Energy Union strategy. [read more... ]
Radical Community Manager Seminar in Amsterdam
By Sol Trumbo Vila
Spanish collective Xnet that helped arrest the former Managing Director of the IMF came to Amsterdam to share their skills, tools and strategies with social movements, civil society organisations from all over Europe. [read more... ]
25 June 2015 – 26 June 2015
Workshop of Foundation Gabriel Peri and transform!
Communisms and left forces in Europe
Inhertitance and Fingerprints – 20th to 21st century. This cooperation with the historical department (under the direction of Serge Wolikow) of the Foundation Gabriel Peri will give the transform! Akademia Working Group on critical history the chance to deepen its analyses on the legacies and what’s... [read more... ]
05 July 2015 – 08 July 2015
Workshop of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and transform!
The European Integration and the Left – Between National Orientation and European Cooperation
Due to the success of last year’s experience in terms of both content and participation, a second workshop will be held in Berlin shortly before the EL Summer University. [read more... ]
08 July 2015 – 12 July 2015
Litoměřice, Czech Republic
10th Summer University of the European Left
Every year since 2005 activists, party members, and members of social movements from all over Europe and beyond meet for four days to jointly develop ideas for an alternative Europe. The Summer Universities are jointly organized by transform! europe and the Party of the European Left. [read more... ]
24 September 2015 – 26 September 2015
21st Annual Conference of the EuroMemo Group
Addressing Europe's Multiple Crises: An agenda for economic transformation, solidarity and democracy. [read more... ]
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