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Newsletter 09 February 2015
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Call for Action
The Greek people needs our solidarity!
The pressure on Greece on the part of the European Central Bank, the Euro-group and some EU government has tremendously increased. Counter pressure is necessary. transform! europe has therefore agreed to issue the following call: [read more... ]
Scholars Appeal for Greece
We the undersigned call on the governments of Europe, the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the IMF to respect the decision of the Greek people to choose a new course and to engage the new government of Greece in good faith negotiations to resolve the Greek debt. [read more... ]
Progressive Economy Initiative: Statement by Members of the Scientific Board
We welcome the decision of the Greek people to elect a new government committed to fundamental change in the policies of Greece and of Europe. [read more... ]
Out now!
transform! Yearbook 2015: "United Europe, Divided Europe"
Problems and conflicts within and between European states have taken on new and alarming dimensions as economic crisis and neoliberal austerity policies continue to wreck havoc. [read more... ]
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