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Newsletter 08 October 2021

Dear readers!

transform! europe and the transform! yearbook Editorial Board would like invite you to a conversation with John Bellamy Foster, editor of the New York City based independent socialist magazine Monthly Review and one of the world’s leading figures in Marxian ecological theory.

Foster challenges the widespread view on the left and beyond that Marx failed to perceive the Earth’s natural limits due to his basic outlook of human domination over nature. On the contrary, he argues that it was in fact Marx who formulated an ecological critique of capitalism, the most profound such critique ever developed, which played a key role in Marx’ overall analysis of capitalist production.

Foster is also a distinguished contributor to the 2021 transform! yearbook, “Capitalism’s Deadly Threat”, which will be presented during the webinar by co-editor Haris Golemis.

See you at the webinar!
Michael Hollogschwandtner, web editor, for transform! europe

Webinar Recording
Presenting the 2021 transform! yearbook – A Discussion with John Bellamy Foster
A discussion with John Bellamy Foster, one of the world’s leading figures in Marxian ecological theory. [read more... ]
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