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Newsletter 06 August 2021

Dear readers!

This newsletter provides an overview of the recent publications edited or
(co-)financed by transform! europe (first half of 2021). Renowned authors and scientists cover a wide range of topics including the corona crisis and the EU Member States‘ economic reaction to it, a new concept of left security, analyses of radical left parties and strategies across the EU, and the first complete English translation of Otto Bauer’s The Austrian Revolution, the classic work of the most prominent Austro-Marxist theorist of the inter-war period. Finally, we are proud to present transform! europe‘s 2021 Yearbook, Capitalism's Deadly Threat, focusing on capitalism's devastating impact on the world ecosystem as well as the concomitant economic crisis.

Many of these publications are freely available in full on our website and/or can be purchased in print form.

We wish you stimulating reading!
Michael Hollogschwandtner, web editor, for transform! europe

Featured Article
transform! yearbook 2021
transform! 2021 looks at capitalism's impact on the world ecosystem and the concomitant economic crisis, with their effects on logistics and borders, the structure of work, healthcare systems, European integration, geopolitical power relations, and gender relations – but at the same time the... [read more... ]
New Release
Radical in Diversity: Europe's Left 2010-2020
By Amieke Bouma, Cornelia Hildebrandt Danai Koltsida
This volume reviews the full breadth of discussions around the left project from 2010 to 2020, tracking developments within the left across Europe – edited by Amieke Bouma and transform! europe's Cornelia Hildebrandt and Danai Koltsida. [read more... ]
Economic Anti-Crisis Measures of EU Member States After the Outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020
By Roland Kulke, Eduardo Sánchez Iglesias Matteo Gaddi Eleftheria Angeli Mauricio Rezende Dias Ilona Švihlíková Michał Menes Emma Clancy Pauline Debanes Michael Schwan
A turn towards socio-ecological transformation or a continuation of the neoliberal overexploitation of people and nature? Study on the response of selected EU Member States to the outbreak of the corona crisis, commissioned by transform! europe. [read more... ]
Book Release
The Austrian Revolution
The classic work by the most prominent Austro-Marxist theorist of the inter-war period, Otto Bauer, now available in English for the first time in full. [read more... ]
Implications of COVID-19 on Women Workers in the Service Sector. A Special Focus on Italy
By Tania Toffanin
Women workers have been hit particularly hard by the corona crisis, with implications for all areas of life, ranging from health to social and economic issues. This research carried out by feminist sociologist Tania Toffanin examines various consequences of the crisis on women workers‘ lives in... [read more... ]
Security and the Left in Europe. Towards a New Left Concept of Security
By Katerina Anastasiou, Sofian Philip Naceur Axel Ruppert
Security is a basic need and an urgent necessity for everyone, particularly for those affected by war, violent conflict, police brutality, hate crimes, or domestic violence. Yet, current debates on security are mostly co-opted by the right, and repressive and discriminating policies are justified in... [read more... ]
Coalition of Labour: Worker's Voices in Europe
By Roberto Morea, Andrea Allamprese Beatriz Casas González Edoardo Esposto Nathan Gaborit
In the last decades, the working and living conditions of millions of workers all across Europe have significantly deteriorated. The organisers of this research project not only talked about workers but talked with them, on issues such as working and living conditions, the perceived causes of their... [read more... ]
The Covid-19 Pandemic: the End of Neoliberal Globalisation?
By Václav Cílek, Jan Keller Petr Drulák Tomáš Daněk Petr Schnur Michael Hauser Ilona Švihlíková Veronika Sušová-Salminen
Leading Czech and Slovak scientists from various disciplines have contributed to this eDossier. Supported by transform! europe, economists, philosophers, sociologists, political scientists, historians, geologists and culturologists were brought together to reflect on the ongoing pandemic. [read more... ]
1969: The Year the Workers Shook the World
By Paolo Ferrero
1969 was the year of the workers' revolt, which involved a large part of the industrialised world: from Italy to Poland, from France to the U.S.A — a revolt that questioned the unacceptable conditions in which the working classes lived. [read more... ]
The Situation of Women in Poland 2020
By Agata Czarnacka, Anna Grodzka Małgorzata Jonczy-Adamska Joanna Miśkiewicz Urszula Nowakowska Andrzej Dominiczak Ewa Majewska Ewa Dąbrowska-Szulc
Starting in October 2020, feminist protests, which could not be ignored, have addressed the multitude of issues women are facing in the country. This publication of the Naprzód Foundation – available in English and Polish, co-financed by transform! europe – focuses on structural sexism and the... [read more... ]
Life Stories, Workers' Rights, and Feminism
The Slovenian Institute 8th March, supported by transform! europe, presents this collection of two sets of life stories: The first one was part of a cam­paign for workers’ rights, carried out before the pandemic, the second one is dedicated to the situation of self-employed parents during the... [read more... ]
New Release
Europe as a Common. Exploring Transversal Social Ethics
By Walter Baier, Cornelia Hildebrandt Luisa Sello Franz Kronreif
“This economy kills”, Pope Francis wrote 2013 in his encyclical Evangeli Gaudium, opening thus the door for a dialogue between Catholic Christians and socialists of Marxist orientation. [read more... ]
New Release
Remembering Late Socialism in Autobiographical Novels and Autofictions from Central and Eastern Europe
In the latest issue of the European Journal of Life Writing, guest editors Agnieszka Mrozik and Anja Tippner explore the role of autobiographical writing in commemorating the past as well as in demonstrating the demise of socialism, as represented in contemporary literatures in Czech, Polish,... [read more... ]
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