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Newsletter 23 December 2021

Dear readers!

Thank you for staying with us over this last year! We look forward to new challenges and strengthening our collaborative work.

To continue to provide you with reading material on topics concerning the left in Europe over the holidays, find here our latest ePublications and videos – and a preview of transform!’s events in the beginning of the next year.

See you in 2022!
Michael Hollogschwandtner, web editor, for transform! europe

Featured Article
Season’s Greetings
Dear friends and comrades!  As this memorable year comes to an end, we hope this holiday finds you healthy and safe and also – even if temporarily and partly – free from the capitalist mode of production, so that you can enjoy the time with your loved ones.  Thank you for staying with us over this... [read more... ]
European Forum 2021 - Videos and Recordings
Get an overview on the discussions at the 2021 European Forum, a unique space where the left, greens and progressives can come together and discuss on ways to built another future for Europe. [read more... ]
17 January 2022
Call for Papers (deadline: 17 January 2022)
International Conference on Reproductive Work, Care and Domestic Service
The pandemic situation has bluntly exposed the "care crisis" at the national and international level. However, for several decades, the combination of demographic, political and social dynamics has been transforming care provision and expanding the market for domestic and care services, maintaining... [read more... ]
19 January 2022 – 19 January 2022
Riace: Local Impact of a Case of Self-Valorisation of Migrant Labour in the Frame of the Global Compact
In this webinar we discuss the particular experience of democratic self-government of migration that has developed in Riace (Calabria), an interesting case study for understanding the evolution of the migration phenomenon in Italy. [read more... ]
21 January 2022 – 23 January 2022
5th International Ecosocialist Encounters
This conference will tackle fundamental questions of how, by whom, and to what end ecosocialist initiatives positions can and should be buttressed to be able to stand a chance in the face of today's historical tasks. Join us! [read more... ]
31 January 2022 – 31 January 2022
Call for Papers (deadline: 31 January 2022)
The Political Ecology of Work in Times of Disaster. The 57th ITH Conference
The onset of the global pandemic radically challenged the world of work. Lockdowns and other public health policies re-segmented labour markets, reallocated rights and reinforced privileges. Homework exploded, all while workers deemed “essential” kept on risking their health in services, care,... [read more... ]
15 February 2022 – 15 February 2022
Call for Papers (15 February 2022)
transform! yearbook 2023: ‘The Left Facing the State’
Up to five articles will be selected for inclusion in the yearbook, with the remainder posted on the transform! yearbook’s website. [read more... ]
Riace: Local Impact of a Case of Self-Valorisation of Migrant Labour in the Frame of the Global Compact
By Andrea Devoto, Francesco Nurra Fulvia Teano Alessandro Tedde
In this publication, the authors present a multidisciplinary analysis of the case of Riace and the broader context of Italian migration policies. [read more... ]
Conference on the Future of Europe: A Futile Exercise or an Opportunity for the Radical Left?
By Pedro Chaves Giraldo
This paper provides an analysis of the objectives of the Conference on the Future of Europe, conducted by Pedro Chaves Giraldo, lecturer, political scientist and coordinator of the Spanish edition of Le Monde diplomatique. [read more... ]
6th European Left Congress Questionnaire – Data Summary
The present survey on the Party of the European Left (EL) is based on the answers given to the questionnaire by the delegates to the 6th Congress of the Party of the European Left (EL), held in Málaga between 13 and 15 December 2019. [read more... ]
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