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Newsletter 06 November 2021

Dear Readers!

The 26th UN Climate Conference, COP26, is taking place right now in Glasgow, Scotland. The summit will be accompanied by demonstrations and events mounted by social movements and civil society organisations. transform! europe will be on site, co-organising workshops in the framework of the People’s Summit and talking part in the protests on today's Global Action Day. Find here an overview on our activities in Glasgow and join us on-site or online.

In addition, analyses on topical events can be found in our newsletter: The humanitarian emergency at the border between Poland and Belarus and the latest developments in the exploratory coalition talks in Germany. An overview of the (online) events on current issues organised by transform! europe and its partner organisations can be found in our calendar.

We wish you stimulating reading!
Michael Hollogschwandtner, web editor, for transform! europe

Featured Article
On the COP26 Global Climate Talks
World leaders and experts will meet in Glasgow in November at the global climate talks, COP26. The decisions made at COP26 will shape how governments respond (or not) to the climate crisis. Get an overview on the main actors and the key aims. An explainer by the COP26 Coalition. [read more... ]
Germany on the Road to an SPD-Green-FDP Coalition
By Cornelia Hildebrandt
The formation of a 'traffic-light' government can base itself on a broad social consensus beyond the three parties. The consultation paper looks greener and more social than previous policy but at the same time without breaking from the logic of neoliberalism. [read more... ]
The Victims on Europe’s Eastern Borders
By Gavin Rae
A humanitarian emergency is once again developing on the European Union’s borders: Refugees find themselves trapped between Poland and Belarus as Polish government takes increasingly aggressive action and even declared the state of emergency in two of its regions. [read more... ]
Webinar Recording
Presenting the 2021 transform! yearbook – A Discussion with John Bellamy Foster
A discussion with John Bellamy Foster, one of the world’s leading figures in Marxian ecological theory. [read more... ]
06 November 2021 – 06 November 2021
COP26 Coalition
Global Day of Action for Climate Justice
COP26 Coalition actions across the world for climate justice, system change and power from below! [read more... ]
07 November 2021 – 10 November 2021
transform! europe at COP26
As part of the COP26 Coalition, transform! europe co-organises discussions in the framework of the COP26 People's Summit For Climate Justice. Bringing together the climate justice movement to discuss, learn and strategise for system change. [read more... ]
11 November 2021 – 13 November 2021
Online Conference
Marxist-Feminist Conference
The conference provides theoretical debates, case studies based on examples of struggle and resistance, as well as a plenary seccion on the Thirteen Theses of Marxism-Feminism with Frigga Haug and other Marxist feminists. Watch here the full recordings. [read more... ]
24 November 2021 – 24 November 2021
Online Workshop
Hundred Shades of EU: Mapping the Political Economy of Euro Peripheries
This workshop will provide an overview of a study on the socio-economic, political and cultural dimensions of the EU periphery, designed by transform! europe in collaboration with the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation. The workshop will focus on the political impact of the EU's core-periphery divide. [read more... ]
26 November 2021 – 27 November 2021
European Forum of Left, Green and Progressive Forces 2021
European Forum 2021
transform! europe will participate in the 2021 European Forum, a unique space where the left, greens and progressives can come together and discuss on ways to built another future for Europe. [read more... ]
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