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Newsletter 23 March 2023

Dear readers,

This newsletter focuses on the challenges and struggles women still face in Europe and around the world. Gender inequality has enormous social, economic, and political implications.

Despite the significant gains made by feminist movements in recent decades, equality for women remains elusive. The problems women face in contemporary capitalism permeate all areas of social, civic and individual life - patriarchy, sexism, racism and economic inequality - gender-based violence being just some of them.

In this issue you will find various articles on feminist concerns in Europe and beyond; why it is necessary to conceptualise left politics from an emancipatory ethic of care, what a transformative monetary system has to do with women's equality and how to support women in their struggle for a free and self-determined life.

In addition, in the newsletter you can find links to our latest publications and information on topical events organised by transform! europe and our network.

We wish you interesting reading!
Štefica Gazibara, web editor for transform! europe

Featured Article
Care Rights: A Major Agenda For the Left
By José Soeiro
Jose Soeiro analyses why it is important to put care at the centre of the political debate to fight inequalities, and why making care a universal social right and collective responsibility should be the aim of a demanding democracy. [read more... ]
Money: From Feminist Economics to Feminist Utopia
By Karin Schönpflug
Karin Schönpflug on why it is necessary to fundamentally modify the current financial model, and what feminist economics and feminist utopia have in common in their approaches to dismantling existing power relations in our economic system. [read more... ]
Women's Struggle Is Everyone's Struggle!
By Maria Dexborg
Maria Dexborg, leader of the Left Party in Malmö, on the current feminist and human rights debate in Sweden, which has taken a downturn since the new right-wing government came to power. [read more... ]
The Violence That We Refuse to Acknowledge
By Reda Jureliavičiūtė
Violence against women exists in all social classes, nations, family and intimate relationships. Lithuanian social scientist and activist Reda Jureliavičiūtė explains why it often remains invisible and how we as a society can recognise the scope of the problem and find effective solutions. [read more... ]
“Down With the Oppressor, Be it the Shah or the Supreme Leader.”
By Hamid Mohseni
How Iran’s (feminist) revolution is being hijacked [read more... ]
Feminism Is Not Just About Rights, Representation and Resources
On 1 March, Annalena Baerbock, the German Foreign Minister, presented her guidelines for a feminist foreign policy. These 86-page guidelines focus on three core demands, in addition to a number of inspiring references to feminist policy approaches: Rights, resources and the representation of women... [read more... ]
03 April 2023 – 04 April 2023
"100 Shades of the EU: The Political Economy of the EU Peripheries Between Pandemic and War"
The conference “100 shades of the EU: The Political Economy of the EU peripheries between Pandemic and War” will take place on the 3rd and 4th of April, in Trieste (Italy). [read more... ]
06 April 2023 – 06 April 2023
On the 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement
Why is the Good Friday Agreement still relevant to the left in Europe today? What can we learn from this peace process and the search for compromise in changing circumstances? These and other questions will be discussed in this webinar organised by transform! europe and the... [read more... ]
Millenials and Gen Z in Europe: Political Participation and Left-Wing Politics
By Lina Zirganou-Kazolea, Dimitris Papanikolopoulos
Youth expresses the most militant and promising part of the political left, playing a central role in social mobilisations and political uprisings. But are left-wing parties in Europe credible to Millennials and Gen Z? Why do even the radical parts of the politicised youth not see the left parties... [read more... ]
Ecofeminism. To Break Out of Strategic and Theoretical Impasses in the Face of the Climate Crisis
By Gauthier Delozière, Nathan Gaborit Gala Kabbaj
It is obvious that political environmentalism unfolds differently according to gender. This study aims to explore the heuristic dimension of ecofeminism and contribute to rethinking our contradictions, methods of struggle and possible cross-class alliances in the current context of impending... [read more... ]
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