Tania Toffanin

Tania Toffanin is a feminist sociologist dealing with independent research on working conditions mainly concerning women, as well as precarious workers. Her latest publications are: Dilemmi e antinomie della regolazione del lavoro a domicilio in Italia. In: Berardi C. and F. Ricciardi (eds.), Le frontiere del contratto. Lavoro, subordinazione, diritti, Sislav, Roma (forthcoming); Comparing Women’s Work: Problems and Perspectives. In Giraud O. and Lallement M. (eds.), Decentering Comparative Analysis in a Globalizing World, Leiden, Brill (forthcoming). The Labour Process and Health through the Lens of Marx’s Historical Materialism. In Mezzadri A. (ed.), Marx in the Field, London, Anthem Press, 2021.