• 19 Říjen 2013 - 20 Říjen 2013
  • Stockholm
  • Venue:
    ABF Stockholm


    Jonas Söderqvist, Centre for Marxist Social Studies (CMS)

  • International Conference
  • Marx2013

  • Since the financial crisis in 2008, Karl Marx’ analysis of society have been discussed in wider circles, even amongst mainstream economists, in order to grasp the crisis of the global economy. What more can Marx’ analysis and social critique contribute with, if we want to understand contemporary society also in other senses? At the conference marx2013, distinguished international scholars discuss about the importance of Marx’ theories to understand today’s development of society, economy and culture, focusing concepts as class, crisis, critique and capitalism.

    Marx2013 will take place in the borderland between academy and activism. Radical politics have always emanated from and interacted with radical philosophy and social science. For the last thirty years, radical social science has often been characterized by theories (post-colonial, Foucault, queer, gender, and cultural studies) other than the previously leading tradition based on Marx’ and Marxist theories. These more recent theories have often been developed out of a criticism of Marxism and have provided important contributions to Marxist theory. In the light of this, marx2013 raises the question about the possibility of a more radical critique today.

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Saturday, 19 October


Panel discussion with Nina Björk, Tiina Rosenberg, and others [Swedish]

Key notes [English]:
Michael HeinrichCrises, Collapse and Struggle
Gérard DuménilCapitalism Today ­– A Marxist Perspective
Anne StecknerCan Marx be squeezd into slides? PolyluxMarx and the challenges of political education

Paper sessions:
Klassamhället i siffror [Swedish]
Den nya vågen: Klass och genus i strejkrörelser bland offentliganställda under 2000-talet [Swedish]
The monetary theory of value [English]
The crisis and the Other [English]
Precariat as the working class 2.0 [English]
Marxist theory confronting the crises of our time [English]
Class struggles and social-ecological relations [English]

Panel discussions:
Arbetskritikens comeback? With Nina Björk and Roland Paulsen [Swedish]
The new Swedish edition of Capital 2013, with a new Introduction on the actuality of Marx. With Mats Lindberg, Wolfgang Fritz Haug, and others. [English]
Samtal om krisen. With Kajsa Ekis Ekman, Rasmus Fleischer and Lovisa Broström [Swedish]
Socialdemokratin ♥ Marx? [Swedish]

Other seminars and talks:
Den inhägnade familjen [Swedish]
Kapitalet – en nyöversättning [Swedish]
Miljonprogrammet – konsten att lösa en kapitalackumulationskris och befästa klassamhället. With Irene Molina [Swedish]
Ideologiteori och ideologikritik [Swedish]


Sunday, 20 October


Key Notes [English]:
John Bellamy FosterMarx and the Rift in the ”Universal Metabolism of Nature”: Capitalism and the Development of Ecological Crisis
Wolfgang Fritz Haug: Putting Marx’ Capital to work: Analyzing the Great depression of transnational High-tech Capitalism 

Paper sessions:
Contemporary philosophical readings of Marx [Swedish]
 today [English and Swedish]
Precariat as the working class 2.0 [Swedish]
Technology and Critique [engelska]

Panel discussions:
The relevance of Marx for ecology [English]
On the Impossibilities of Reformist Socialism [English]
Ekologisk ekonomi och socialistiska strategier [Swedish]