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  • 25 Listopad 2022 - 27 Listopad 2022
  • Belgrade
  • Registrace
  • Cultural Center GRAD
    Braće Krsmanović 4

  • Conference
  • Practices of Securitisation and Externalisation of EU Border Regime Future Scenarios and Resistance

  • The conference discusses the materialisation of the securitisation and externalisation of border zones in different geographies and their transnational entanglements. It asks how the securitisation policy of the EU border regime is strategically planned and implemented, where it fails and how one can resist these mechanisms of violence.

    A special focus will be on the EU's externalisation policies in relation to people moving in different geographical regions such as the Balkans, the Mediterranean and North Africa. Therefore, we want to discuss the violent effects of new border fences, modern surveillance equipment and increasing police and military corporations, as well as the involvement of international (humanitarian) organisations and local NGOs in maintaining this regime. What are future scenarios and forms of resistance?

    Interpretation: The discussion and inputs will be in English; simultaneous translation to other languages can be organised.

    Registration: Please let us know if you want to attend and register: pushbackalarm-austria[at]


    Friday, 25 - Saturday, 27 Nov 2022
    Venue: Cultural Centre GRAD, Braće Krsmanović 4, Beograd


Friday, 25 November

15:00 (CET): Introduction by the organisers 

15:15 (CET): Inputs on the situation by activists from the region

16:30 (CET): Break 

16:45 (CET): Input and Discussion: Police cooperation in the EU and beyond 


  • Matthias Monroy, investigative journalist

18:00 (CET): Input and Discussion: IOM - The UN agency tasked with externalising the EU's borders regime in the Balkans?


  • Marija Petkovska, researcher

Saturday, 26 November 

10:00 (CET): Panel Discussion: Migration laws and the Fortress Europe


  • Hanaa Hakiki, European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights
  • Anna Brambilla, ASGI
  • Aleksandar Marković, human rights lawyer

11:30 (CET): Break 

11:45 (CET): Input and Discussion: The Egyptian-European border regime: Aiding human rights crimes in North Africa


  • Sofian Naceur, journalist/RLS North Africa

13:00 (CET): Lunch Break 

14:00 (CET): Input and Discussion: At the heart of Fortress Europe: Austria’s role in border externalisation policies in the Balkans


15:15 (CET): Break

15:30 (CET): Strategic Discussion: Resisting collectively 

Sunday, 27 November

10:00 (CET): Common breakfast - location tbc 

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