• Chairman of the Hungarian Workers’ Party 2006 Attila Vajnai Facing Jail

  • 01 Mar 19 Posted under: Central and Eastern Europe , Hungary
  • Attila Vajnai was found guilty and sentenced by the Budapest 6th District Police to pay a fine of 50 thousand forints (about EUR 160). He was accused of  having taken photos at the demonstration organized by others during Turkish Head of State Erdogan`s visit to Budapest. On the photo those people are visible whom were not allowed by the Police to enter the event.

    According to the Police providing security for the event, Vajnai committed a crime by organizing a previously unannounced demonstration. According to the police report, „video was taken of the crime”. In the court order the police authority found "that no camera recordings are available for the time in question." The police admitted they had lost their recordings.

    According to the report, the police officers proceeded in the best knowledge of their criminal liability, acted as official persons and are considered as „impartial”.
    The police imposed financial penalty on the basis of the policemen`s procedure on the spot, about which either no recordings are available, or no witnesses were heard in the case.

    Attila Vajnai said it was unacceptable that the opposition politicians had been punished by the Police without evidence, while they were idely watching the march of the Hungarian and the international Nazis dressed in uniforms, and accepted such an annually held neo-Nazi event as a traditional historical walk. In Vajnai's view, this is a conceptual proceeding and he does not accept the police decision, will not pay the fine and refuses to go for public work either. In this case the authorities will be forced to implement the 10-day jail.

    Attila Vajnai said he was ready to go to jail for his justice.

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