• European Appeal

  • Elisabeth Gauthier , Frédéric Viale , Louis Weber | 01 Apr 10
  • As originators of this European Appeal, we want: 

    • to contribute towards the development of the capacity for resistance and actions of solidarity by the peoples of Europe to the demands of the shareholders, banks and financial markets, to the actions of the E.U. and the governments that favour them. This also pre-supposes action for immediate measures that are inspired by alternative principles and logic

    • to contribute to the battle of ideas, to give the power to understand it to the principal victims of the crisis, to those whose activity is essential to change the course of events.

    • to encourage cooperation between movements, trade unions, networks, citizens, intellectuals, all those who make up civil society and to the Left forces in such a crucial moment for the future of Europe. All the more so since experience shows that, when a social and political movement commits itself dynamically, (as for example in the referenda) the citizens are able to master very complex issues and express their demands.


    Please read our Appeal. If you accept to join this European Appeal, please send your reply to:

    Elisabeth Gauthier (Transform! European network)

    Frédéric Viale (Group Europe - Attac France)

    Louis Weber (Espaces Marx - France)