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  • Transform! Europe was founded in 2001 to initiate and promote alternative thinking and political dialogue aimed at transforming contemporary society according to social, feminist, ecological, democratic and pacifist values. During the complicated though necessary processes of “Europeanisation” of the left taking place within a neoliberal dominated European Union and capitalist globalisation, Transform! was established as a net- work of mainly European organisations working in political education and critical research. From its inception Transform! Europe has worked toward a new and common political culture of the left in Europe.
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Re-founding the European Union?

  • What are we Arguing?
  • Gabi Zimmer
  • The purpose of left politics is to encourage and convince people to work together in solidarity for their interests and for those of the underprivileged. Left politics tries democratically to reduce...

  • The Future and the Constitution
  • Erik Meijer
  • The Left was always internationalist. We wish to end the threat of war and the subordination of poor and weak states to the rich and powerful ones. We accept neither social and humanitarian...

  • A Social Europe or No Europe
  • André Brie
  • ”The ‘European social model‘ is still in its infancy. The European left could make this its hallmark, its joint project if only it has the will.“ (Michael Krätke) 1. Two main propositions are...

  • The Anti-Development Agenda
  • Alexandra Strickner
  • The European Union is currently negotiating Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), with 77 States in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific (ACP). For the past three decades, ACP countries have had...


  • The LEFT
  • Joachim Bischoff
  • The LEFT received 8.4 percent of the vote in the 2005 federal elections and is now represented with fraction strength in the German Bundestag. As is generally known, in their agreement the Left...

  • The Left in Italy
  • Aldo Tortorella
  • In Italy, the left which emerged after 1989 is undergoing a profound restructuring. For the third time, the party created by the majority of the Italian Communist Party (PCI) is changing its name and...

Projects/Upcoming Events

  • European Social Forums (ESF)
  • Chantal Delmas
  • The ESF process is very important for Transform! because our network was formed during our participation in earlier ESF forums. And Transform! is in turn an important actor of the Forum.  In this...

  • The Revolution of the 21st Century
  • Does it make sense to talk about socialism in the 21st century? An attempt at an answer to this question is the purpose of the research initiated last year by Transform! Europe during a meeting...