The Left and the Inter-Imperial War
  • Looking into Europe's geopolitical evolution since 1989 and citing Rosa Luxemburg Heinz Bierbaum and Michael Brie explain why Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine must be considered an inter-imperial war. Both call for the left to urgently conduct a Europe-wide debate on a concept of collective security both for Europe and its close neighbourhood.
    A Geopolitical EU to What End?
  • Axel Ruppert of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation reflects on the EU's geopolitical ambitions, examines what has changed in the EU's geopolitical orientation since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, criticises the increasing militarisation of the EU and provides an impulse for a different understanding of security.
    Security and the Left: Focus on Digitalisation
  • The ongoing digitalisation of our lives has been greatly accelerated during the pandemic. While it provides solutions to challenges of our times and has become part of EU states’ response to the pandemic, the risks and threats to fundamental rights, such as privacy and protection from discrimination are there and cannot be overlooked.


    Security and the Left in Europe. Towards a New Left Concept of Security
  • Security is a basic need and an urgent necessity for everyone, particularly for those affected by war, violent conflict, police brutality, hate crimes, or domestic violence. Yet, current debates on security are mostly co-opted by the right, and repressive and discriminating policies are justified in the name of security.