Consciousness in Europe in the Crisis
  • Organized by Espaces Marx and transform! europe, the workshop entitled “Consciousness in Europe in the Crisis: Resignation and Rebelliousness faced with Capitalist Domination” gathered public-opinion specialists from Greece, Germany and France – as well as social scientists.
    Perceptions of the Crisis and Political Orientations
  • Europe is divided – economically, socially, and also politically. In this context, Germany seems to be on the winning side: with strong industry, growing employment, with parliamentary majorities and a political opposition asking for minority rights. While Germany embodies hostile hegemonic power...
    In Greece, the Possibility That the Left Can Come to Power is Growing
  • Greek public opinion is reflecting a deep crisis of legitimacy. 76 % feel that the measures taken in the last three years are unjust; 65 % think that the policies of the Memorandums serve ‘special interests’ and will not ‘save the country’ as official political discourse would have it; 60 % see the...
    Self-emancipation Against Political Fatalism
  • If, according to enquiries, interest in politics has not diminished in France, on the other hand the crisis of confidence has taken on unprecedented dimensions. A sense of powerlessness is taking the place of ‘they’re all rotten’. What is felt is the absence of political power in the face of the...


    Language Matters
  • How we can be more conscious of our language on refugees and migration.
    #ausnahmslos | #noexcuses
  • Petition against sexualised violence and racism, launched by feminist bloggers, authors and activists from Germany after attacks against women in Cologne on New Years eve