Status Quo Of The Misery
  • The ruling party GERB won the European Parliament elections in Bulgaria with 31.07% of the votes. Second is the BSP (Bulgarian Socialist Party) with 24.26%, while the third is the Movement of rights and freedoms (DPS) with 16.55% (which candidate was Delyan Peevsky – the person that provoked huge...
  • Results 2014 +++ Short overview of the European elections in Bulgaria 2014 On May 22-25, 2014, the citizens of the European Union voted on the composition of the European Parliament for the eighth time. In Bulgaria, the European elections were held on May 25, 2014. Despite the increased...


    Bulgaria Once Again Deadlocked After Fourth Vote in 18 Months
  • Georgi Pirinski analyses the parliamentary elections that took place in Bulgaria at the beginning of October, looking at how the result affects central issues such as overcoming corruption and Bulgaria's position on the war in Ukraine, and what consequences the Bulgarian left can draw from the election.
    Non-representative democracy — season Bulgaria, episode 2021
  • On April 4 in Bulgaria’s parliamentary elections, 25% of voters supported Prime Minister Boyko Borissov's right-wing party, GERB. But new parties that campaigned on anti-corruption and Covid denial also did extremely well. The left's decline is disastrous.
    The Bulgarian Election System Needs a Real Change
  • The proposed amendments in the Bulgarian Election code will not address the real problems. A majority voting electoral system cannot eliminate the problem with distrust in political parties, low turnout, unrepresentative, corrupted and dysfunctional public institutions.
    Bulgarian Election: Fraud and Vote Buying
  • On 12 May in Bulgaria were held early parliamentary elections. They were reached after unprecedented massive protests in the whole country in February and the resignation of the government of the ruling party GERB.
    The Bulgarian Winter of Protests
  • Over the past two months Bulgaria, the most passive country in the traditionally belligerent Balkans, has been shaken by protests. Since the beginning of February Bulgarians in most big cities have been out in the streets, protesting against the increased electricity and heating bills. After a few nights of clashes between police and protesters, the government of Boyko Borissov and his party GERB resigned.