A European Energy Union as a Path to Peace Between Ukraine and Russia
  • What would have been the potential benefits for Russia, if its attack on Ukraine in February 2022 had been a success? Jürgen Klute asks this question in order to take another look at the causes of the war and thus also at possible ways to end the conflict peacefully and in the long term.
    Europe’s Migration Pact, Its Consequences and the War in Ukraine
  • Cornelia Ernst, Member of the European Parliament (DIE LINKE), believes that the sharp criticism levelled by NGOs and left-wing groups at Europe's migration and asylum policy is justified - as for many years this policy has stood for a practice of cooperation with undemocratic third countries.
    Russian Society After Nine Months of War: From Indifference to Resistance
  • In the new episode, the Cross-Border Talks speak with Russian historian and socialist Felix Levin about Russia's social, economic and political situation. What is the attitude of Russian society towards the war in Ukraine, and why it is very difficult to trust official public opinion polls? You can see this and more in the video.
    Considerations Against the Tide
  • It seems to me that after almost four months of war in Ukraine we have to take a step back and see which of the actors involved are benefitting from the conflict. However, it becomes clear very quickly that nobody is getting anything out of this and that we are experiencing the suicide of the reason.
    Communism Yes – Putinism No!
  • NATO is an imperialist organisation, dominated by the USA and responsible for innumerable wars of aggression. The dismantling of this political-military monster generated by the Cold War is a fundamental requirement of democracy. Its weakening in recent years has led Emmanuel Macron, France’s...
    Voices for Peace
  • In reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, transform! europe has issued a Peace Manifesto. A variety of other organisations advocate for peace as well: left parties and movements, NGOs, human rights organisations, peace movements, trade unions, religious groups, and many more.
    A Call to Dialogue
  • Read the statement on the war in Ukraine by DIALOP, Transversal Dialogue Project. DIALOP aims to promote dialogue between Marxist and Christian positions and develop common commitments to peace, non-violence, social justice, democracy, and ecological transformation.
    Feminist Resistance Against War
  • By the end of March, over 2,500 organisations, collectives, and individuals, among them numerous distinguished scholars, have signed the manifesto.
    Stop the War! An Appeal for a Europe of Peace
  • #peacemanifesto Please find below translations in: Russian Ukrainian Catalan (translated by transform! europe's member organisation Fundació L´alternativa) Czech (translated by transform! europe's media partner !Argument)Danish  Hungarian (translated by transform! europe's media partner...
    For a German Security Policy in the Service of Peace
  • In a statement issued by the WeltTrends Institute, notable German academics call on the German government to stop participating in the "escalation of the conflicts between NATO and Russia, currently centred on the Ukraine conflict".
    Ukraine’s Presidential Elections: Oligarch against Oligarch
  • Registered voters:   30,056,127 Turnout:  62.86 % (first round), 62.07 % (second round) second round: Volodymyr Zelensky - 73.22 % Petro Poroshenko - 24.45 % The recent presidential elections in Ukraine have provoked rather similar reactions in the West and in the post-Soviet countries,...
    Social-Economic Situation in Ukraine: Gender Perspective
  • In this article, I shortly review the social-economic situation in Ukraine from the perspective of women and other vulnerable groups touching upon the issues of the structural adjustment policies, the armed conflict and the increase of the far-right violence.
    Ukrainian Elections Results
  • Exit-polls and preliminary results showed a decisive victory for Petro Poroshenko at the presidential elections in Ukraine on 25 May. One of the richest man in the country (7th rank according to Ukrainian Forbes list) with liberal economic program is taking 54% according to over 64% counted...
    The Logic of a Revolt
  • Russian bureaucrats have been honestly surprised at the reaction by the official West – they did not expect such anger or unanimous condemnation. European politicians are beside themselves with fury. The mainstream press is relating appalling stories to its readers of Russian aggression against Ukraine. The television shows interviews with Kiev ministers and deputies who tearfully implore Europe to save their country from the enraged bear.


    International People’s Summit For Peace in Ukraine
  • On June 10/11 international civil society is gathering in Vienna, Austria. The aim of the Peace Summit is to publish an Urgent Global Appeal, called the Vienna Declaration for Peace, calling on political leaders to act in support of a ceasefire and negotiations in Ukraine.
    War In Ukraine: Responses and Implications for Asia and the Pacific
  • While calling for peace in Ukraine, this webinar focuses on the responses and implications in the Asia-Pacific. We will look at how states, civil society, and peace movements of Asia-Pacific have reacted to the war and discuss on the role peace movements can play for a lasting peace.


    For a Nuke Free Europe
  • In the seventh workshop of our series "Security and the Left in Europe - Towards a New Left Concept of Security", we will discuss with Tom Unterrainer on steps towards a nuclear-free Europe in the current context of the war in Ukraine and the threat of nuclear escalation.