Peace and War


    Non-Alignment and Neutrality from a Nordic Perspective
  • Tradition has it that back in the good old days the world was much easier to understand. During the Cold War two ideologically hostile camps faced each other over the Berlin Wall, barbed wire fences and mine fields, an Iron Curtain between them and huge war machineries on standby. Between these two...
    The West’s War against Libya and its Outcome
  • After the end of the East-West-conflict, the countries of the West saw themselves as winners. Subsequently, they made war – limited local wars against weaker countries – into a “normal” means of politics again. Western powers began conducting war-like actions against targets in Libya on March 19,...


    The Left and the Inter-Imperial War
  • Looking into Europe's geopolitical evolution since 1989 and citing Rosa Luxemburg Heinz Bierbaum and Michael Brie explain why Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine must be considered an inter-imperial war. Both call for the left to urgently conduct a Europe-wide debate on a concept of collective security both for Europe and its close neighbourhood.
    End the War!
  • Gabi Zimmer on why a sustainable peace depends on responsibly carrying out a society-wide conversation and promoting broad alliances with common initiatives and action on the part of anti-militarist and anti-fascist peace movements, climate activists, and trade unions.
    A European Energy Union as a Path to Peace Between Ukraine and Russia
  • What would have been the potential benefits for Russia, if its attack on Ukraine in February 2022 had been a success? Jürgen Klute asks this question in order to take another look at the causes of the war and thus also at possible ways to end the conflict peacefully and in the long term.
    A Geopolitical EU to What End?
  • Axel Ruppert of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation reflects on the EU's geopolitical ambitions, examines what has changed in the EU's geopolitical orientation since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, criticises the increasing militarisation of the EU and provides an impulse for a different understanding of security.
    Imagining the World from the Perspective of Peace – Not War
  • Heidi Meinzolt of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) criticises the massive rearmament at a national, European, and global level and sheds light on the downward spiral of war from the perspective of feminist causal research.
    Europe’s Migration Pact, Its Consequences and the War in Ukraine
  • Cornelia Ernst, Member of the European Parliament (DIE LINKE), believes that the sharp criticism levelled by NGOs and left-wing groups at Europe's migration and asylum policy is justified - as for many years this policy has stood for a practice of cooperation with undemocratic third countries.
    Not A Peaceful Climate
  • Didem Aydurmus, German ecosocialist politician (DIE LINKE), emphasises the interaction between climate change as a trigger of wars and, at the same time, wars as one of the greatest burdens on the climate, and underlines the importance of consistent peacebuilding.
    “Long Live the Common Struggle Against War and Fascism!”
  • Last weekend, EL President Walter Baier attended the #8ANEUiA Congress of EUiA - Esquerra Unida i Alternativa, where he addressed the importance of united democratic and socialist forces in struggle against rising fascism, the neoliberal austerity policy as well as the threat of mutual annihilation.
    Call for Solidarity Actions With Anti-war Activists in Russia
  • For over a decade, Russian antifascists have commemorated January 19 as their day of solidarity. This is the date when in 2009, in the center of Moscow, the human rights and leftist activist Stanislav Markelov and the journalist and anarchist Anastasia Baburova were gunned down by neo-Nazis.
    Russian Society After Nine Months of War: From Indifference to Resistance
  • In the new episode, the Cross-Border Talks speak with Russian historian and socialist Felix Levin about Russia's social, economic and political situation. What is the attitude of Russian society towards the war in Ukraine, and why it is very difficult to trust official public opinion polls? You can see this and more in the video.
    A New Social and Ecological Compass for Europe
  • Jari Järvenpää reports from Plenary Session I "A New Social and Environmental Compass for Europe", held in Athens in October 2022 in the framework of the 6th European Forum of Left, Green and Progressive Forces.
    Against the Return of War, for Peace and Disarmament: A New Collective Security
  • Gala Kabbaj reports from the Plenary 2, held at Theld at the 6th European Forum 2022 in Athens. The aim of this session was to outline a new collective safety architecture based on nuclear disarmament, military de-escalation, an end to over-armament, respect for the territorial integrity of nations and the defence of human rights.
    Peace in Rome
  • On 5 November, a protest march organised by trade unions, left movements, Catholic groups, and other civil society actors took place in Rome. The giant demonstration for peace with more than a hundred thousand people is an event of enormous importance.
    Declaration of the International Kurdish Solidarity Collective
  • With support from NATO, the regime of the dictatorial Turkish president Erdoğan is not only continuing its war against the Kurdish people and their allies inside Turkey’s borders but is expanding it to Syria and Iraq, Sweden and Finland. The International Kurdish Solidarity Collective issued following Declaration regarding the latest attacks.
    NATO and the Construction of the Enemy
  • Marga Ferré, Co-President of transform! europe, comments on the NATO-led western militarisation and analyses its ideological foundation. In this context, she points out the construction of the "other" as the enemy and racial supremacy, which both must be fought.
    No Peace, No Justice
  • Finally, after two years of pandemic, the trade unions of many countries, and with them members of left parties, social movements, along with other citizens, can return to the streets on May Day.
    Danish Referendum on Joining the EU Military
  • A referendum will be held on 1 June to decide whether Denmark participates in the military dimension of the EU, the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). It was called by five parliamentary parties, including the governing Social Democratic Party.
    Communism Yes – Putinism No!
  • NATO is an imperialist organisation, dominated by the USA and responsible for innumerable wars of aggression. The dismantling of this political-military monster generated by the Cold War is a fundamental requirement of democracy. Its weakening in recent years has led Emmanuel Macron, France’s...
    Voices for Peace
  • In reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, transform! europe has issued a Peace Manifesto. A variety of other organisations advocate for peace as well: left parties and movements, NGOs, human rights organisations, peace movements, trade unions, religious groups, and many more.
    A Call to Dialogue
  • Read the statement on the war in Ukraine by DIALOP, Transversal Dialogue Project. DIALOP aims to promote dialogue between Marxist and Christian positions and develop common commitments to peace, non-violence, social justice, democracy, and ecological transformation.
    Feminist Resistance Against War
  • By the end of March, over 2,500 organisations, collectives, and individuals, among them numerous distinguished scholars, have signed the manifesto.
    Stop the War! An Appeal for a Europe of Peace
  • #peacemanifesto Please find below translations in: Russian Ukrainian Catalan (translated by transform! europe's member organisation Fundació L´alternativa) Czech (translated by transform! europe's media partner !Argument)Danish  Hungarian (translated by transform! europe's media partner...
    For a German Security Policy in the Service of Peace
  • In a statement issued by the WeltTrends Institute, notable German academics call on the German government to stop participating in the "escalation of the conflicts between NATO and Russia, currently centred on the Ukraine conflict".
    A Green Earth With Peace And Room For Us All
  • Draft Globalization programme submitted by the National Board of the Red-Green Alliance/Enhedslisten, Denmark, to the party’s next Annual Congress on 5 - 6 October. It is a programmatic text about global development.
    World’s Most Dangerous Nuclear Weapon Rolls Off Assembly Line
  • In January, the National Nuclear Security Administration announced that the first of a new generation of strategic nuclear weapons had rolled off the assembly line. That warhead, the W76-2, is designed to fit to a submarine-launched missile with a range of more than 7,500 miles. By September, an undisclosed number will be delivered to the Navy.
    Peace Organisations Gathered in Brussels to Say No to NATO
  • The last NATO Summit, held in Brussels on 25 May, has been an important one. Presented as an opportunity to celebrate the long-awaited inauguration of the new headquarters in Brussels, two main topics have been discussed: the burden-sharing of military expenses and enhancing NATO’s focus on fighting terrorism.
    Interview with Alon-Lee Green, Israeli social and political activist
  • “We put forward a holistic worldview, one that sees the interrelations between the ongoing occupation of Palestinian Territories, the growing social and economic disparities within the Israeli society, and the attacks by the government on democratic freedoms and on the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel.”
    Common European Security after the Cold War
  • Concerns about the current situation in the world are growing. I think we all share them. For a long time now, we have felt that “something went wrong”. Especially worrying is the fact that Europe today is almost the main flashpoint.
    There Still Remains Hope for the Middle East
  • Finding a just and sustainable solution for the Middle East means contributing immensely to peace and security for Europe, without which welfare and democracy in Europe will not be secured. Europe’s left has to assume its responsibility, also in its own interest.
    Nationalism and Xenophobia
  • The EU is facing enormous challenges. The coming months could be crucial in determining the future of the EU and its broad political orientations. The EU is facing an unprecedented series of challenges in particular on security, climate change, migration and the economy. This combination gives an opportunity for populism to rise and spread its venomous rhetoric.
    World War III is against Russia
  • Washington provokes Moscow in three fronts, fuels a potential nuclear conflict, and ignores the opinion of American society. All in the name of “democracy”?
    Against a War in the War
  • The intention of the US and France to militarily intervene in the Syrian Civil War would add yet another bloody chapter to the tragedy of the Syrian people. The use of chemical weapons, which according to many concordant reports occurred last week, is a war crime and whoever perpetrated it has to be charged for their offence.


    Caught Between the Covid-19 Crisis and the War in Ukraine: the EU in 2022
  • This year’s EuroMemorandum focuses not only on EU´s failure in seeking multilateral cooperation for the Covid-19 pandemic. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine also marks a dramatic turning point for the international system itself and in particular for the political and economic development of the EU. What is the right approach to these issues?
    The Militarisation of the European Union
  • Since the Brexit decision, the only political project that the neoliberal elites in the EU and its member states are pursuing is the multidimensional militarisation of the EU. In this situation, transform! europe has gathered a collective of authors to stimulate discussion among European left parties and movements about this daring development.
    Inclusive European Security? Russia and the EU in the Post-Western World
  • There has been a lot of talk of a new Cold War between the West and Russia, even though the metaphor itself is not appropriate in today’s globalised context. It is not a very fitting analytical description. Firstly, there is no clear ideological and systemic struggle between Russia and the West.


    Workshop: "Communication in Times of War"
  • Wars have this destructive potential to impact the structure of communication, change the perception of facts, instrumentalise language and ways of thinking, lead to conspiracy traps and promote biased interests. During the Catholic event World Youth Day 2023, Christians and Marxists will discuss theory and praxis of communication in war times.
    International People’s Summit For Peace in Ukraine
  • On June 10/11 international civil society is gathering in Vienna, Austria. The aim of the Peace Summit is to publish an Urgent Global Appeal, called the Vienna Declaration for Peace, calling on political leaders to act in support of a ceasefire and negotiations in Ukraine.
    United Against Fascism
  • As part of the activities planned to celebrate the Victory over Fascism, the European Forum of Left, Green and Progressive forces organises a series of actions in Budapest on Sunday 7th of May 2023. United against fascism is the key to building peace in Europe!
    Peace Initiatives Across Europe
  • Hundreds of demonstrations, conferences and other activities to stop the war and build peace are taking place across Europe. See below for a list of Europe-wide peace initiatives on the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine.
    "What Can Europe Do to Help Build Peace in Ukraine?"
  • International experts will analyse Europe's role in building peace in Ukraine on Tuesday 21 February in the Mirador Theatre in Madrid, at the event "What can Europe do to build peace in Ukraine?" organised by the newspaper Público and the Fundación Espacio Público. Co-President of transform! europe, Marga Ferré will also participate in the debate.
    Let´s Desert the World War in Pieces
  • 20 years after the largest global demonstration in history (held on 15 February 2003 in Rome), peace and human rights activists from 5 continents come together and reinterpret current conflicts in the reality of world war.
    No Survival Without Peace
  • This international hybrid event brings together organisations and activists working for peace and the environment in Finland and internationally and aims to create discussions about the common goals of the peace and environmental movements and to build a path towards a new joint action of people's movements on behalf of humanity and the planet.
    Seminar Festival of the Democratic Civic Association (DCA)
  • The topics of this year's Seminar Festival, which is organised by Democratic Civic Association (DCA) — a member organisation of transform! europe — will be on the environment, peace and economic and political injustice of the world. Warm welcome to join!
    Eat NATO for Breakfast #13 with Katerina Anastasiou and Axel Ruppert
  • Current notions of security are centered around military deterrence. Increased military spending, arms races, oppression and surveillance in the disguise of safety concerns are affecting all our lives. "We need an entirely new concept of security," say transform! europe's Katerina Anastasiou and Axel Ruppert (Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Brussels).
    War In Ukraine: Responses and Implications for Asia and the Pacific
  • While calling for peace in Ukraine, this webinar focuses on the responses and implications in the Asia-Pacific. We will look at how states, civil society, and peace movements of Asia-Pacific have reacted to the war and discuss on the role peace movements can play for a lasting peace.


    Christian and Marxist Approaches on Peace Ethics - Part 3
  • In this Webinar Series, Dialop and transform! europe explore the common ground and the differences between Christian and Marxist approaches to peace ethics. The third webinar has the title: Can arts, science and religion redeem us and be ferments of peace? Applications today. Join us!
    Christian and Marxist Approaches on Peace Ethics - Part 2
  • In this Webinar Series, Dialop and transform! europe explore the common ground and the differences between Christian and Marxist approaches to peace ethics. The second webinar has the title: NO JUSTICE. NO PEACE - Visions of positive peace. Join us!
    RIMPAC, NATO Versus a Peaceful Asia Pacific
  • Given the rising possibility of global war, the panelists will analyse and oppose the largest military exercises on the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC), as well as lay out the implications of participation in NATO.
    For a Nuke Free Europe
  • In the seventh workshop of our series "Security and the Left in Europe - Towards a New Left Concept of Security", we will discuss with Tom Unterrainer on steps towards a nuclear-free Europe in the current context of the war in Ukraine and the threat of nuclear escalation.