• Commons

    One of the hallmarks of contemporary capitalism is the qualitative change in the way it expands beyond its borders. If, formerly, factories were the units of the means of production and the mode of accumulation, today the market space is almost total, investing every moment of life and every form of human relationship. All spaces and all social wealth have, one by one, been appropriated to become commodities and means to make profits. And this commodification process is taking place to the great detriment of environmental and fundamental rights.

    Movements and organisations have increasingly adopted a fightback strategy that can, to some extent and in some spaces, stop this expansion. The right to the city, environmental struggles, and open digital communication experiments, each of these experiences invoke the concept of the common good.

    transform! europe aims to organise and support research that analyses the forms of these struggles, the ways in which they are connected to the concept of the Commons, and how they can lead to a strategy that unifies the struggles, which, in combination, might prefigure another social and economic system.

    We intend to offer a space for reflection and sharing around these issues, which can deepen our understanding and expand the boundaries of our initiative.

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  • Strategické perspektivy Evropské levice

  • [Translate to Czech:] The crisis of capitalism has triggered effects all over Europe and in all social fields. This creates new conditions for the European Left. The new challenges the EL is facing concern both the national agendas and its acting on the European level. In this research programme we...
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  • Radikální pravice

  • In the last European elections in three countries (Great Britain, Denmark and France) radical right-wing nationalist parties became the strongest forces. The number of MEPs belonging to right-wing nationalist parties has grown considerably and they are spread all over the right political spectrum....
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  • EP 2019 – The European Left: One Mouth, Many Voices

  • transform and its member and observer organisations and partners have engaged themselves to a project that aims to monitor the electoral process from a progressive and leftist perspective. This focus hosts alls the activities related with the "European Elections 2019 Monitoring Project." transform!...
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  • Diskuse – Má Euro budoucnoust?

  • [Translate to Czech:] The crisis in the European countries of the South has increasingly caused dramatic social consequences. The Euro-Zone as a whole is in recession. Political risks regarding the future of European integration as well as democracy are becoming ever more evident. transform! is...
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  • Krize Evropy – Krize v Evropě

  • [Translate to Czech:] In this research programme and in accordance with contemporary political economy, transform! hopes to achieve three things: to update the analysis of the crisis according to its respective stages of development; to deepen theoretical understanding of structural causes of the...
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  • Evropské vnímání v krizi (2014)

  • [Translate to Czech:] The research project investigating political perceptions in the crisis aims at understanding subjective paths of resignation and rebellion regarding capitalist domination. From materials such as opinion surveys or more qualitative studies, it seeks to characterize the evolution...
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  • Řecko rozhoduje (2015)

  • The win of SYRIZA in the Greek elections is in the centre of interest of social movements, trade unions and progressive political forces in Europe. SYRIZA has announced to cancel the Memorandum and replace it through a program for a Productive Reconstruction as early as it will be in power.  This...
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  • EU volby z levicové perspektivy (2014)

  • In co-operation with the German Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and the French journal Regards, transform! europe presents preliminary analysis, country-specific results and reports from the electoral eve, video statements of the left-wing candidates and our correspondents as well as evaluations in the...
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