• Announcement
  • 'WATCH OUT' – A New Anti-Fascist Educational Initiative Online

  • 09 Nov 20
  • On the occasion of the International Day against Fascism and Antisemitism (9 November, the anniversary of the November pogrom 1938), the Polish ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association announces the launch of the online educational initiative ‘Watch Out’, conzeptualized by the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association and the Forward Foundation, supported by transform! europe.
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  • Commentary
  • Jeremy Corbyn is suspended from the Labour Party!

  • Hilary Wainwright | 02 Nov 20
  • In the face of misreadings or wilful distortions of Corbyn’s response to the EHRC’s report on anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, Hilary Wainwright sets out the accurate facts and argues that to implement the EHRC’s recommendations in a concerted manner and to be a united alternative to a Tory government, Corbyn’s suspension must be lifted.
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  • Interview
  • Czech communist party set for shake-up

  • 29 Oct 20
  • KSČM politician Jiří Dolejš on the crisis facing the Czech left and his party’s renewal after the October regional elections. Dolejš is one of the protagonists in the debate on the party‘s future orientation before the upcoming party congress, which will be held in the runup to next year’s parliamentary elections.
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Upcoming Events

  • transform! europe at the European Forum
  • It's getting hot in here!

  • 27 Listopad 2020 - 27 Listopad 2020 |  
  • transform! europe, the Green European Foundation (GEF) and the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) support the European Forum 2020 – How can we drastically reduce CO2 emissions in the EU and eradicate poverty?
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Some insights from the OPEN BORDER CONFERENCE: Creating Shared Spaces of Struggle

Supported by transform! europe, the OPEN BORDER CONFERENCE took place in Vienna in the context of the Wienwoche festival for art and activism 2020.

The Carbon Clock is Ticking

created by the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC), based on the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming.

On the connection between climate crisis, the pandemic and capitalism we recommend:
Roland Kulke: The Pandemic as Part of a Much Broader Crisis of Civilisation


    transform! europe's 2020 yearbook explores the future of Europe in the emerging multipolar world. What is the impact of the global crisis of hegemony? What is at stake for democracy and labour and what opportunities are opening up for political and social subjects in the era of digital capitalism? Can art and history still provide some answers? Yearbook as eBook soon to be available.

  • Basque researcher Júlia Comas presents a critical review from an ecofeminist point of view of the DiEM25 proposal The Green New Deal for Europe, and Resolution H.109, Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal,...

  • Coping with the consequences of the Corona crisis makes a socio-ecological transformation even more urgent. A look back at the New Deal of the 1930s is useful as inspiration for this. Not just at what was done, but primarily at how it was set in...


New social actors pose new challenges to organisational structures for political action.