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  • Pátek, 04 Září
  • 6:00 – 7:00 (CET)
  • Webinar
  • Support Art Workers

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    During the days of the lockdown the need to bridge the social distance and to feel united has been expressed many times by singing or playing from the balconies and terraces of the buildings in which we have been forced, demonstrating how essential expression and communication are for individual and social life.

    In all European countries, the pandemic has led to the closure of many activities involving the presence of people in closed places. Today, as the contagion curve fades, production and commercial activities are reopening. The push of big interests has never really stopped production systems completely, often with serious consequences for workers' health.

    In many countries, theaters, cinemas and places of culture remain closed which serve the indifference of politics towards all those workers who, in diverse forms, are employed in various capacities in the cultural sector. Although there are differences between countries in the treatment of these jobs, it is clear that, at European level, the safeguarding of this sphere of the economy, which had already suffered a serious reduction in public support before the health crisis, is not taken into account.

    Campaigns have started in various countries for public interventions that support these workers and this meeting that we promote as transform! europe wants to highlight what the different situations are and what the possible initiatives to promote at European level are.

    Friday, 4 September, 18:00 (CET)



    Eva Brenner

    Eva Brenner is an independent experimental theater worker, author, and producer. After studying art, theater history, as well as stage design in Vienna, she worked for five years in Austrian, Swiss and German theaters before moving to the USA in 1980. Here she studied Performing Arts and Performance Studies at NYU, and became co-founder of the independent political Castillo Theater. Since 1994 she has been working out of Vienna, as Artistic Director of the experimental theater collective PROJEKT THEATER STUDIO/FLEISCHEREI_mobil, where she directed over 50 political performances and new formats of socio-theatre with migrants and community people. She has toured, lectured and given workshops internationally and in 2013 published her book about independent theater ADAPTATION or RESISTANCE, The Loss of Diversity.

    Margarita Syngeniotou

    Margarita Syngeniotou is a lyric artist and opera singer (mezzo). Having a prominent career, she both works with the National Opera Company and as a soloist and lyric song teacher. She is an experienced trade unionist and has recently been elected as Co-President of the performing artists 3rd grade trade union organisation (Panhellenic Association of Visual and Audio Artistic Sector). She is also very active in the political and social field and a member of the secretariat of SYRIZA Culture Sector.


    His stage name is Xnthony his real name is Anthony Keigher. He is from Roscommon in the West of Ireland and lives in London. He is a well know cabaret artist and performer in both Ireland and London and has performed at the Edinburgh Festival, the Dublin Fringe Theatre Festival and others and is well known among the LGBTQ community in Britain and Ireland. His work always has a political edge both large and small P. He is currently working on a musical about Cromwell the English dictator who ravaged Ireland in the 17th century carrying out genocide and ethnic cleansing and hugely increasing the momentum of English colonialism in Ireland, Englands first colony. His theatre work contains radical and thought provoking challenges to patriarchy and heteronormativity. He is a radical young performer and artist.

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