• eDossier
  • In the Aftermath of the European Elections: The European Left Facing New Challenges

  • Jiří Málek , Walter Baier , Cornelia Hildebrandt , Gabi Zimmer , Yiannos Katsourides , Paolo Chiocchetti , Gavin Rae , Angelina Giannopoulou , Jukka Pietiläinen , Paul Elek , Tatiana Moutinho , Danai Koltsida , Heinz Bierbaum , Jana Tsoneva , Giuseppe Cugnata | 06 Dec 19 | Posted under: Elections , European Union , Levá
  • This publication is the documentation of the seminar organised by transform! and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in June 2019, right after the European Elections.

    The event is a long lasting cooperation between the two foundations that takes place annually. This year's gathering was focused on the results of the European Elections and their impact on the European left. The eDossier contains selected contributions and could serve as material for the debate on the prospective European strategy of the left forces. 

    Please find the eDossier on the right/below (mobile version) in 'Documents' (English, PDF).

    Table of Contents

    Introduction, Angelina Giannopoulou
    Future Perspectives of the European Family of the Political Left, Gabi Zimmer
    Considerations on the European Elections, Walter Baier
    After the Defeat. New Challenges for the Radical Left after the European Elections, Cornelia Hildebrandt
    Facing the Far Right: What Future for the Left, Paul Elek
    Future Perspectives of the European Family of the Political Left, Heinz Bierbaum
    The Far Right in Government in EU. The Strategies and the Contradictions of Far-Right Parties in Austria and Italy, Giuseppe Cugnata

    The Spanish Case, The Europe of Citizens Foundation / Fundación por la Europa de los Ciudadanos (FEC)
    Italy: Triumph of the Radical Right, Defeat of the Radical Left, Paolo Chiocchetti
    The Greek Left between (European) Victory and (National) Defeat, Danae Koltsida
    A Thorough Political Evaluation of the Electoral Results in Cyprus and Questions Posed to the European Left, Yiannos Katsourides
    European Parliament Elections 2019, Finland, Jukka Pietiläinen
    A Portuguese Mirage in the European Political Landscape, Tatiana Moutinho
    The Results of the European Elections in Poland, Gavin Rae
    The 2019 European Elections Analysis: A Dispatch from Bulgaria, Jana Tsoneva
    Czechia as a Part of CEE Region – One Pebble of Intricate Mosaic, Jiří Málek


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