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  • Different Scenarios for the Future of the Monetary Union

  • Kenneth Haar , Marica Frangakis , Roland Kulke , Steffen Lehndorff | 25 Mar 19 | Posted under: Contemporary Capitalism , European Alternatives , European Union , Productive Transformation
  • At the 2018 Summer University of transform! europe and the European Left Party in Vienna, the discussion regarding the best monetary system for the EU represents one of the most hotly discussed debates in left circles - hardly surprising, given the relevance of this issue.


    The topic is immensely broad. On the one hand, you can delve into technical language and deal with technical issues. On the other hand, many people in the EU were deeply affected by the impact of a flawed monetary system on their daily lives. So, the topic ranges from “pure” theory to the daily struggle to survive and live a dignified life. With the here presented publication, we want to contribute to the discussion and understanding of some of the most important aspects.

    Roland Kulke


    Find the eDossier for download on the right/below (mobile version) in 'Documents' (English, PDF).


    Table of Contents

    1. Roland Kulke, Introduction
    2. Marica Frangakis, Different Scenarios for the Future of the European Monetary Union
    3. Kenneth Haar, Merkel and Macron: Not So Different After All
    4. Steffen Lehndorff, Different Scenarios for the Future of the Monetary Union



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