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Zpravodaj 12 Listopad 2015
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Upcoming Legislative Elections in Spain
Spain in “Purgatory”
Jaime Aja Valle
An overview on the parties and political situation before the December 20th elections in Spain. [více... ]
“A New Page is Being Turned”
Francisco Louçã
What will happen between the Socialists, the Left Bloc and the Communists? An evaluation of the agreements between the socialist and the left parties in Portugal to support the socialist government. [více... ]
Turkey: Elections under the shadow of violence
Taylan Özgür Yıldız
The elections held on November 1, 2015 resulted in a huge success for the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and its “former” leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The AKP increased its votes almost all over the country and gained parliamentary majority which it had lost at the June 7 elections. [více... ]
Poland Lurches to the Right
Gavin Rae
The recent parliamentary elections in Poland were historic, although unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. For the first time since 1989 a political party in Poland has won an overall majority in parliament, with the conservative nationalist Law and Justice Party (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość – PiS)... [více... ]
Private bill and resolution of IG Metall
“Redefining Europe” – more pressing than ever
Private bill and resolution, unanimously agreed at the annual congress of the German metal workers' trade union IG Metall on 22 October 2015. [více... ]
EL press release
Turkey Sues EL Vice-President Maite Mola
The Turkish governement opened a legal procedure against the Vice-President of the Party of the European Left, Maite Mola, for "insulting the president" Erdogan. [více... ]
Calais to Brussels
From the Borderregime's Periphery to its Heart
Davor Konjikušić, Rade Dragojević
Report on the situation in the refugee camp in Calais and the OX15! mobilisation in Brussels mid October. [více... ]
The East/West Immigration Gap from a (Mainly) Czech Perspective
Back to the East?
Veronika Sušová-Salminen
The refugee crisis and immigration has opened up old divisions and created new ones between “the West” and “the East” within the European Union. How can this be understood beyond superficial media-ascribed labels? [více... ]
Otevřený dopis dobrovolníků evropským vládám
Otevřený dopis dobrovolníků evropským vládám [více... ]
Critical view
Poverty and inequality in the Czech Republic
Ilona Švihlíková
At first sight, according to mostly used indicators, the Czech Republic seems to be a very equal country with low poverty and inequality. However, the real situation is more complex as many citizens find themselves just close behind the poverty threshold. [více... ]
13 Listopad 2015 – 14 Listopad 2015
Populist & Radical Right in Europe and Left Strategies for a New Hegemony
In cooperation with the Swedish member organisation of the transform! network, the Center for Marxist Social Studies (CMS), and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. [více... ]
14 Listopad 2015 – 15 Listopad 2015
Historical Memory of Central and East European Communism
Historical memory belongs to well established disciplines within the historical research. It represents an important part of the identity of every political movement or group. In case of communist movement in central Europe it came through important transformations during the century particularly in... [více... ]
20 Listopad 2015
Seminar in Rome
Is a Democratic Change for Europe Possible?
The proposal by the five presidents that is in these days drafting, and the discussion in the European Parliament on a comprehensive revision of the EU institutions and new forms of European election offer the opportunity to discuss a new strategy of the Left to question the project of a European... [více... ]
25 Listopad 2015
Book presentation in Rome
“Germany: the problem of Europe?”
transform! Italy in collaboration with the CRS and the Association AltraMente, presents the book written by economist Gabriele Pastorino "Germany: the problem of Europe?" retracing the historical steps that led to the current imbalances in the European Union. [více... ]
30 Listopad 2015 – 01 Prosinec 2015
Alter Summit meeting in Paris
Let’s Build Another Europe: Lessons and Perspectives
Expanded Assembly for social movements & organisations [více... ]
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