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  • Making Shareholders Redundant - Why and how to manage without them ?

  • 10 Feb 20 Posted under: Commons , Reviews
  • This book begins a transformation programme which combines an ecological and social agenda with the end of the very notion of ownership of the means of production.

    The triumphant capitalism of the 1990s has lost its lustre. It has become a doomsday device producing social regression and inequalities, unable to face climate change and becoming more and more authoritarian, instead of delivering the promised democracy.

    Faced with this, the institutional left believes that capitalism should be oriented towards the  public interest  through redistribution of  wealth.

    But with depressed economic growth, capitalism is no longer able to accept any concession. A serious ecological and social politics should then oust shareholders in order to give way to self-managed enterprises, run by workers, users and citizens.

    The book refers to online tutorials (economie.org) which detail how business, finance and money work, in order to help readers understand economic principles. 


    Author : Benoît Borrits

    Publisher : Syllepse
    Language : French

    Pages : 160
    Dimensions : 11,5 x 19 cm
    ISBN : 978-2-84950-803-9
    Price : 10 euros

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