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  • Short Report Elections 2014

    The parliamentary Left suffered a big blow and lost approximately 35,000-40,000 votes. It nevertheless kept its two seats (with current MEP and member of the CC Takis Hadjgeorgiou and Political Bureau member Neoklis Silikiotis going to Brussels), due to a record low/high turnout (42.37%)/abstention rate (57.63%). It is not yet clear to which directions it has lost votes (exit polls need to be weighed first).

    The extra-parliamentary Left's first time at elections is expected to be poor although there is currently no projection as to its actual result (itself was hoping for 1-2%. It may have suffered a small blow from the restrictions on thousands of Turkish/Cypriots who were prevented from voting due to electoral register technicalities (unfair in my view).

    Cyprus's austerity government party, right-wing DISY is, if not the only one, then one of the few in the EU that came first in the elections. It did lose real votes, but its percentages can be seen and are communicated as an electoral victory.

    And a more general comment: If one takes under consideration abstention, invalid and blank votes, youth that did not even register and the Turkish/Cypriots who did not vote, then the Cypriot European elections were electoral democracy at its worse.

    Giorgos Charalambous


    Results 2014


    Detailed results

    Turnout : 42,37 %

    DISY (right-wing): 37.75%, (+1.76% since 2009)
    ΑΚΕL (left-wing): 26.98% (-8.37%)
    DIKO (nationalist/centrist): 10.83% (-1.48%)
    ΕDEK/Ecologists (social democrats/greens): 7.68% (-3.76%)
    Citizens' Alliance (populist/nationalist/centrist): 6.78%
    Message of Hope (anti-corruption technocrats): 3.83%
    ELAM (far-right): 2.69% (+2.48%)
    Sener Levent (Turkish/Cypriot journalist and public intellectual): 1.05%
    Animal Party: 0.88%
    DRASy/EYLEM (radical left/bi-communal): 0.86%
    Other independent candidates: 0,18%  (+ 0.13%)
    Socialist Party of Cyprus (Turkish/Cypriot/radical Left): 0.11%

    Correspondent: Giorgos Charalambous


    IN POWER: Democratic Rally DISY (conservative)

    Radical left party in the EP: 2 seats of 6

    The Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL) is the most powerful communist party within the European Union, but has lost its leading position on the island in the2011 general elections and the 2013 presidential elections, reaching only 26.91% of the vote.

    No list of the radical Left.


    Election Results 2009

    Results 2009: percentage

    Results 2009: seats

    Results 2009

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